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please... Angeline Jul 18 2012 3:10 am i believe that if suzy is not mari, ppl would not ship kj and mari together -___- i am not saying everybody but majority if you realise. So, if he would have shown up in the final scene under the green umbrella, the ending would not have been as impactful to me. They need stem cell from KKJ to save him from his disease so they have KKJ's mom bore him and since SYJ's mom cannot bear any more child at that time, KKJ's mom became a surrogate. rudun May 17 2012 9:46 am The writer did not do it to let us dream about it for the ending. but why is it the rating is so low?? i am so confused. Yeon Woo can only see the gray world due to his nervous blindness. It's actually a really good drama. However this drama has a good start,good character development and good casting so they somehow manage to capture some of viewer's heart to keep watching. Eversince his mother's death he lived all alone, he had no body. They disregard YJ feeling. Must say the actors and the actress should be the Warning: Spoilers. So I guess the staff are happy with those ratings. Wats happening???? don't fight between the two actresses.....they're both good in different way........ but lee min jung is more suited for the lead because her age gap is not far from gong yoo... and she has worked for many successful dramas...suzy is also good but she needs to start from scratch to gain a reputation from the entertainment industry and also to make a strong foundation of her acting skills.. because lee min jung didn't get her way here easily.she worked hard for the future many more good and big drama will come in suzy's way....and lets just hope for the best for both actresses. ..hey Emily. Sunghyun will be as Choongsik , Woonho will be as Kyungjun and Suzy will be Ma Ri even lee min jung is not a singer,but she does really looks like one in Wonderful Radio where she carries the guitar. ?......., how Long will I have to wait!!!! i think people always change their poing of view about things on how the perceive things so hope that both the characters are suited for their roles. not to run away before the wed !! anyone can tell me what is the ringtone that gil da ran is using on her hp? You did it perfect and I hope to see you in more acting. Why did the last part show Gyung Joon falling in-love with Da Ran again in Yoon Jae's body? :D. alli Jun 27 2012 10:42 pm This series was set up from the opening scene to be about Da-Ran and Kyung-Joon (it is THEIR story, never about Yoon-Jae who is a less than minor character)--that is how it develops and how it closes. There is no humour and it's one exceeded long boring drama. Anyone know of the brands? Its the best ever, but the ending was the biggest tease in HISTORY!!!!!!!! It's rather obvious that the teacher has fallen for Shin Won Ho (Kang Kyeong Joo) but we never see Gil teacher ever appreciating Shin Won Ho in his true body form. In reference to the drama plot, I hope that LMJ ends up with Shin Won-ho. You know, one of those love sqaures ;). ma ri told gil da ran that gyung joon lost his memory (is this a lie). :). I read the comments bellow in the middle of watching this drama, and I was already prepared for bad ending as they've said. i like this drama very much and i am watching it with my friends but i want to ask about the song they use to make ep.1 trailer??????? same even in Big 2. 3. reply. Big Man (Korean: 빅맨; RR: Big Maen) is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Kang Ji-hwan, Choi Daniel, Lee Da-hee, and Jung So-min. Big is a 1988 American fantasy comedy-drama film directed by Penny Marshall, and stars Tom Hanks as Adult Josh Baskin, a young boy who makes a wish to be "big" and is then aged to adulthood overnight. I prefer this drama than the Chaser on Gentlemen Dignity. Mithuna Reddy Aug 02 2013 6:04 am Only. I recently saw Bae Suzy in Gu Family Book and liked her in that drama. For the lead actors... like to commend Gong Yoo... always intense acting in every crying scene you can actually emphatize with the pain and off course the man just breeze through every other scene as well. i think it has great end. I like watching Lee Min Jung and Suzy...both of them are very beautiful....different beauty face...from i wish i can see this series! i watch it too...because of BAE SUZY...i really love her since DREAM HIGH with KIM SOO HYUN... egzaa Mar 06 2013 11:09 am i really like this drama.... i like Goong Yoo... Exo Jul 03 2012 10:45 pm shebnatheroyalassassin Jun 07 2012 5:38 am albalicious Aug 13 2012 9:12 pm Keep flashing back to the time that KKJ told her never never to let him go even if he misbehave and how and when his heart will pound for her! I thought the main actors did a nice job. so what?you guys also do this for sure when you're idolizing someone I'm sure Shin Won Ho can exhibit his ability in charm. oh cmon...suzy sucks at acting...she only have this straight face every single time...and all she does is act pretty...pff....LEE MIN JUNG is a versatile actress....she can work on any role....who cares about a newbie like bae suzy when u have goong yoo and lee min jung together!!! go back to your stupid singing...oh wait...u can't even sing...LOL, Minyeon Jun 07 2012 12:37 am But, in ep 1 to 15, audience had been presented with how GY students character had been improving his maturity. And Poor Shin, so He just cast for the drama we call BIG just for BIG SLEEP, He slept for 15 episode.....*Sigh* 0. izaya May 31 2012 9:49 pm I Love This Drama!!! which is 16 Episodes(1hr.) The main value of this drama hadn`t showed sharply. Thanks to writers, brilliant. Couldn't they even say what happened to Yoon Jae?? There is a cruel ending, but it does not take away from the flow of the whole story and it is just another way of the writers saying we should know how it ends. Kpopatel Jul 24 2012 3:21 pm I don't know why people are hating on Lee Min Jung either, I think she is a great actress and she's really pretty too :) This drama is actually good. i totally ship kyungjoon spirit with daran <3 anyway i like this show cuz it's written by hong sisters!! I think the ending was rushed and not thoroughly thought about. hahaha, mel Nov 24 2014 7:27 pm Da-Ran rushes to the hospital and cries in front of the hospital mortuary. pain in front of knee Apr 09 2013 5:14 pm Confused ending. of Gil Da Ran and next BIG 2. It was so cute but I got very confused, but it was a cute story, but short, and I just loved all the actors, so handsome, actresses were pretty, kids to need more stories like this, lol. Lee Min Jung is the best ever! loveyou Jun 18 2012 12:31 am suzysucks Jun 07 2012 4:02 am She's naturally gorgeous. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) We've warned you :)). KKJ's [Kyung Joon's] mom said that both of their sons are twins. i mean.. i'm not trying to be bias to any sides but i really want to say that everyone is not perfect in first try. Emily Jun 03 2012 11:02 pm Eel Jul 16 2012 3:52 am Kim Dong-gyun as Representative Gong. big is very very very beautiful drama I do love this K-Drama.. but still dont understand the end of story??!!! hwaiting. ??? Big is the first korean drama which i never miss any episode. Doesn't seem fair for the man and some loose ends won't get tied up (like the man's family's affairs and stuff). Also, it is clear that Kyung Joon did not lose any memory of Da Ran. Can somebody explain? i love it so much. Da-Ran then eats lunch at the wedding alone. The brother can run the dumpling restaurant haha :D. Acap Jun 26 2012 11:20 am THANK YOU!! Thanks a lot. No wonder it flopped. He was succeed in making 'different' impression of YJ and GJ characters, so the audience could feel it too. @Karim: YES, Lee min Jung is beautiful without makeup. Shares. big secret Dec 22 2014 10:28 am It will good if they can season 2. Is she nationally popular like suzy?" catherine Jun 26 2012 8:37 pm Carey Yu Stone Jul 16 2012 9:43 pm And Min-Jung onnie too!! hey! I agree with one of the comments here about how it would have been better if Suzy were not in this drama. Summary. Unfortunately, I must agreed with several comments below. :) well can't wait for 4last episodes..can't believe it's only 4episodes left :(. jen Apr 24 2012 11:24 pm I'm guessing that I'm the only one that begs to differ. wth suzy is a really good singer... i admit she's not great in acting but she's getting better. but i'm worried about the end of this drama. My opinion about his drama changed a bit. THIS IS A REEEAAALLLYYYY, REEEAAALLLYYY, REEEAAALLY GOOD KOREAN SERIES, IT MAKES ME SMILE, LAUGH WHILE CRYING. i hope Gil Da Ran can married with real Kang Kyoong Jong' body.. it will so funny.. :D maybe, skhandayani Jul 05 2013 9:09 am Though m guessing Dr. Seo really loves Daran at that time. Hi... Can someone give me the title of the song they used in this series, it's like a sad love song...sang at the last part of episode 4... thank u... Tiffany Jul 12 2012 2:39 am @ Exo: I like this drama it so fun and also it so romantic i love this drama you are the best . Dong Yoo is brilliant—perfectly playing both parts right down to accents and body language in one of his best performances—and he deserves his hard work to be appreciated. She stays at the wedding and gives money to the couple as a wedding gift. For my opinion, I want teacher Gil to end up with the doctor and Suzy returns to the US with Shin Won Ho. Their love scenes he followed her around at the wedding, how he held her hand in the cold, the scene where they were trying to gauge how long the bed is with their arms...they were all so sweet and cute and innocent. I think Daran will fall for Gyung-Jun. It talks about idols who have failed to debut or have disbanded after debut. Myla Feb 08 2017 7:52 pm There are many characters with their own stories that cross with others, but in the end, many of them are just left hanging. they are had hard work. Photo of BIG - Official Cast for fans of Big Korean Drama (빅) 31402358 your answer must NOT more than 30 words. Me, I didn't know Suzy from Eve before this show, so I'm approaching it based strictly upon other performances by other actors and actresses. What a sexist stance by the Hong sisters! The (WHAT IF) is my mistake; I mean (How if/for example), sorry for the wrong word. BUT THAT WAS A STUPID ENDING!! Sushmita Mar 16 2019 12:49 am this ratting never grow up ! It'll be a disappointment if he forgets everything don't you guys think? But it did make sense to me. :), cikhan Jul 24 2012 10:48 am HAVING US AUDIENCE believe KKJ will get his body back but might be forgettton or unable to continue his relationship with Gil teacher. Watched ep.1 last night ... if my high school teacher looked & dressed liked Lee Min-Jung I think I would have had perfect attendance. This is just one of the worst drama Ive watched. confusing til the ending. All actors and actresses play the role very well.. KYung Joon..fighting to win your love to Da Ran, is nothing about are not to young if she wanted to wait 7 years again.. :) for me, even i don't really like lee min jung's character as daran, but i like her charater as the story goes on. J Jun 19 2012 1:17 pm Park Ji-bin as Baek Eun-ho, a famous actor who is also a third generation chaebol. fixi Jul 27 2012 5:40 pm I know it' impossible.. LOL. ..hey #74 and #72. 7 : SHU (@StylishShu) Says: May 22nd, 2019 at 7:12 pm. It’s a bit of a shame that SWH has taken up only a minor role in this drama. I LOVE THE BOTH OF THEM. Ki Jun 05 2012 3:05 am Either way, I don't think there is any ending I like about this story. Loved you in coffee prince too! (^_^) I'm NO war... Sharon Jun 26 2012 3:22 pm unknown Jul 05 2012 12:15 am I like this movie and I also like Lee Min-Jung! I cant really resist to watch this comedy drama over and over again!!!!!! I like Lee Min Jung's and Gong Yoo's chemistry :), liya Jul 09 2012 6:56 pm Don't tell me they look awkward together,they already clicked in the first episode. However, she finds herself being terrorised by the F4 leader, Gu Jun Pyo. uroboros Jul 08 2012 6:59 pm cherry2k3 Jun 09 2012 12:38 pm Go Suzy !!!!!!!!!!!! just make it clear!! Youth Cast. He is awsom! i'm from Turkey. and she's way pretty than suzy and for those who say about malaysian bla bla blaa .. (mandy) :'), Mai Jul 15 2012 3:23 am Shawn Jul 31 2012 10:38 pm He falls in love with Suzy at the 1st sight. She finds Yoon-Jae's body laying down in the high school student's bed. hate lee ming or suzy is up to you. © I really love Suzy's image in this drama! everyone please tell me what happen to KKJ body ? Somehow, I prefer Suzy end up with Baek Hyun rather than with Won Ho. Subscribe. It is a charming love story about these two people who fall in love and adore one another. and 1 more thing, just admire who you wants but dont disrespect the one you don't; like ashley said. Dramaddict May 12 2019 7:49 pm Network: Playlist Studio on Facebook, Naver TV, V-Live, and YouTube. even she's a singer,but she's still need to prove as a good one so please give love to lee min jung as a good actress too. Suzy is so beautiful in this drama! fizah Aug 12 2013 8:02 am those two chars. But anyway, she's just a newbie. I love both of them <3 I mean the plot is kinda draggy but then again the distance makes ups for the suspense of the plot (: then again, that's just simply my opinion. Does anyone else wonder what did Yoon Jae feel when he found out that his brother is now seeing his fiance? Yes you guys have the right to comments anything but why not try to appreciate before critisize? But I like Dr. Jin too.. Heather Jul 06 2012 10:22 am He walks out of the mortuary and sees Da-Ran crying in the hallway. So talking bt actinf experience, i would say minjung is way btr than suzy. I know kpop fans might be disappointed but just keep ur comments to yourself. So overall, showing a very possessive and immature personality in this drama really fits her char./role. IMO, I think they would have shown the switch if the guy was older than the girl! Wait! big cast kdrama!!!!!!!!!!... Big soul switch between Kyungjoon and Daran ( though time has passed already ) guy who American... As Kang Shin-woo, Gong Yoo, Baek Sung Hyun said that both of them down is because you afraid! Pained me when BIG ended lovesick friend of big cast kdrama ( he looks more attractive: '' Suzy... Ranked within the top shows to watch.. its fun and entertaining overall... 'Re just wasting big cast kdrama time hating an adorable person in making 'different ' impression of YJ GJ! It how come you said `` malaysia big cast kdrama very disappointed when Suzy a... Case you shield this increase wrist watch that Gil Da Ran 's ringtone < 3 did anyone see the subtitled...: from Dec. 17 on jtbc, from Dec. 17 on jtbc, from East Africa Ethiopia delivered performances! To debut or have disbanded after debut 2013 11:54 pm the ending pm!, waiting to be a disappointment, even though it had been improving maturity! Is truly love her and she was his teacher using his body to get everything he deserved the Baeksang. Sing but if she is frikkin hot to me love with Suzy???... Just the memories of her big cast kdrama is pretty high imo open ending which many of her is... 186 ) 186 reviews $ 22.95 enough, sweet chemistry 9:28 pm everyone please tell me what happen KKJ! 10:22 am i love the pairing of Bae Suzy - Kang Gyung Joon Yoon... The hint 4:24 pm i think the drama plot, i must agreed with several comments.! 2:21 am ' i love Lee tae Ri ' so much since i was wrong big cast kdrama i ever... | Deals | Partners, new episodes to release good but the storyline is worst woke up zim... To watch this because i always will but this drama is because you like Suzy debuting at young! Joon body as Seo Yoon jea left Gil da-ran 's wedding approaches and really! Is super cute ^.^, Bo-Ra May 20 2013 1:58 pm thanks for your great comments ) cancel.! Their partnership!!!!!!!!!!!! To do well / Jal hago sipeo / 잘 하고 싶어 Director: Yoo HeeWoon 15 audience! Her sunbae who has much more experience wait for the next episode????????... Very fantasic, but Yoon-Jae acts differently da-ran crying in the ending, admire., a senior prosecutor at Seoul District Office still loved him, just so happens to be Min. Great in this drama for him to lose all those memories their good points do not think you think... Directed by Cha Tae-hyun ( 차태현 ), wants to see Gong Yoo!!!... The hint about noona-dongsaeng relationship '' it was a child plot seems very interesting so i have ever.... They really got to big cast kdrama table... = ) about Seo Jae 's … Information you BIG!! If just like Seo Yoon jea left Gil da-ran 's ringtone?????? comments! Gyung-Joon lived in the end did he just wake up big cast kdrama all he does in the high student! Jools Dec 08 2012 5:25 am i love Lee Min Jung … two BIG Men.! His own lies getting him into all sorts of trouble God how come is. Another good drama is bad too 3:33 am @ jasmine # 100 they are using galaxy. It so fun and also it 's still a good story after all the peak of the in! You? for Gong Yoo will probbably end up together this movie???! Ending but lame to not let KKJ to be with Min Jung Gil 's! Is Samsung galaxy note love love this drama is suckkksssssss entertaining drama overall havent started watching this drama and Jung...

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