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These rods also excel in high winds extending the sport of fly fishing into conditions formerly considered too violent for a fly rod. Building fly rods one by one in a small shop and shaping each handle is the only way to control artisan perfection. The Blue Liner 2WT $229.00. I … Including 2-Tips on All Graphite & Glass Production-Rod Series. Trustpilot. Built to be Practical, Tactical, and Perform, all Semper Fly Rods … In parallel to making high performance distance casting rods our small stream Beaver Meadow fly rod was born and our pursuit of technology and ways to create unique rods for a purpose began. Home Fiberglass Fly Rods STORE About Gallery BLOG VIDEO Fly Reels Contact Home Fiberglass Fly Rods STORE About. FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING on Series Rods to most locations! The Motu rods are designed for big predators that take big flies and rip line off reels. Unlike many USA fishing rod companies, they engineer, design and manufacture their blanks in their own factory. Gallery BLOG VIDEO Fly Reels Contact. R.O.D. Custom boutique fly rod maker of fiberglass fly rods for fly fishing. Retired Rods FAQ Warranty. The Ripper Fly Rod & Reel Starter Combo $149.95 $189.95. Dragon Glass: 8/9WT $299.00. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab.Link to read me page with more information. After many years of searching, we are proud to offer our first USA Made Products that will join our existing product line from around the world. The last of the boutique fly rod builders.. Small scale fly rod manufacturing operations are on the brink of extinction. Hours of passion are put into every USA made WETFLY Handcrafted Net. Our Rod On Demand program allows you to demo any new rod model we release during your … Sold Out. 545.00 . Our signature small batch rods, hand-built here in Maine. Application: this rod is designed for small stream fishing, it is made for fishing wet flies and dry flies, and does have the ability to also cast medium weighted streamers. Forgotten Coast Fly Company is the region's top full-service fly shop. A family fly tying and custom rod building adventure. BLOG. The Blue Liner 3WT $229.00 Sold Out. J.D. Extensive time on the water and a deep knowledge of rod design provided a complete perspective of what was needed to make a great artisan fly rod; craftsmanship, on the water experience, and the necessary heart and soul to be cast into each rod for a lifetime of enjoyment. Grips have very little to do with the performance of the rod and more to do with how your hand feels at the end of the day. One that could reduce dragging to shore, was long enough and had a larger hoop size for bigger fish. Rise Fishing Co. offers quality fly fishing rods and gear to fishermen at affordable prices. Boro Batch - Small Batch, Boro Batch, 33 COE COLOR ROD FRIT AND TUBING, Borosilicate Flameworking. Buy now. We are also pleased to announce the introduction of our benchcrafted Wagner Small Batch Reels . They are WETFLY. Snowbee Spectre® Fly Rods uses the very latest carbon fiber technology to create a range of rods whose performance is un-matched at this price. The simple truth is, there are precious few of the small scale American production rod … Little River - 6'6" 2w or 7'9' 3w (Mod/Fast Action), "Bicentennial" / Limited Edition - 8'6" 5w - EXPRIED 6/2020, The Penobscot 9' 6W (Limited Edition) -EXPIRED 2019. WETFLY has partnered with two southern Oregon manufactures who want to manufacture, and grow. Laboring over each guide, combining fly fishing experience and passion are what make a USA Made WETFLY fly rod. My most popular builds fall into 3 categories: Small Stream Trout Rods: 6ft to … 3367459322 We offer flies and equipment to meet every saltwater fly fishing need including Tarpon, Redfish, Sea Trout, Sheepshead, Flounder, and Tripletail. Expertise was honed season after season of steelhead guiding and an angler became more interested building rods recreationally and eventually vocationally to build a perfect fly rod. The 6 foot 6 inch was made for streams that are 10-30 feet wide. This is the strength in diversity that has always made this country great. New designs are always in the making and we're continuously building new batches to launch. The Reilly Rod Crafters extended manufacturing team includes dozens of small family businesses and independent contractors from coast to coast. A Father/Son team of avid fisherman who love to catch and release wild steelhead watched others land steelhead without protecting them and felt they had to do something about it. But in today's world of mass-produced, "same as everyone else", built to fail products it's sometimes nice to stand out from the herd and to be seen to be different. Promotions, New Batch Updates and Discounts. The modern era fly fishing market is dominated by mass produced, imported, cost driven fly rods. The different styles are available to match you hand size and type, casting style, and type of fish. The One & Only Fly Rod Co. This rod is ideal for dry flies and works great for double fly rigs too. Our rod blank is manufactured from a proprietary blend of three different carbon fibers utilizing NANOALLOY technology, this one of a kind fly rod delivers feel and performance without sacrificing accuracy or distance. Blue Liner, to stalking tailing bonefish in the wind with our 9 wt. They are entrepreneurs just like WETFLY. I have my own line of fiberglass rod blanks that I designed and have made for me by a well respected and high quality blank manufacturer here in the US. Stay up to date on the latest rod releases, product info, and once-in-a … Fly rods. For most of his career, Dan was the only builder of Beartooth Custom Fly Rods, but now, Dan has an apprentice, Marty Authement. Developing the Series: EDGE Gamma Alpha(ΓΑ), moderate action and Gamma Beta (ΓΒ), fast action performance fly rods bring to life the vision Gary Loomis had early on in his career, finally, technology caught up with his imagination. STORE. SINTRIX ® 550 Rods The SINTRIX 550 created a new rod category for Hardy. As a retired carpenter, Dad joined forces with his son to manufacture and deliver a better net to share with the world and save wild steelhead. The way fly fishing connects individuals to their surroundings and the environment gave Scott a deep connection to the sport that he is determined to share with others. Features: 4-Piece Rod I am a designer and maker of fine small batch fiberglass fly rods. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. I have a feeling a few of these rivers will return in various forms... For one of a kind single rods or custom options, please check out our Landlocks page. 8’10” 500+ gr (12wt) My name is Chris Barclay located in North Carolina. Since the beginning WETFLY has aspired to become a well-respected fly fishing brand that delivers high quality affordable products. Description "Small Batch Flies" | Hand-Tied Flies, Unmatched Quality. Pricing ranges from $450 to $800 US Dollars depending on: Blank, Length, Line Weight and Components. Custom fly rods made by experienced craftsmen. Now thousands of fly rods have been made with our shield on them, and our focus has added a new mantra. "This spring I made the 2 hour drive to fish Spring Creek in Central PA. Our goal is to produce top quality flies that will catch the fish of a lifetime. Moonshine Rod Company Blue Collar Built, Performance Small Batch Fly Rods. The Nymphster Ext (3WT) $299.00. New Gallery . "Small Batch Flies" | Hand-Tied Flies, Unmatched Quality About FlyCulture Sean Chahley created FlyCulture as a passion project in late 2018. Shipping is always free! Designed and tested by fishing guides to create a rod … The Hardy Zephrus is the best all around trout rod for beginners to advanced fly fishermen looking for small dry fly accuracy or swinging larger soft hackle fly patterns on small streams to large rivers. Custom GTX 8' 8wt 3 piece fiberglass fly rod. The Story Behind the Hand Crafted Net. While swinging on the Rogue river and connecting to an occasional fish the entrepreneurial spirit continued to tug day after day until finally a rod shop was founded in Southern Oregon. 75 talking about this. If you see one that is sold out and love it, ask for a revival! The Nitrolite Tactical fly rod is precision-tuned, medium-fast action combined with the lightest weight components available, like a skeletonized reel seat combined with an unmatched rod blank combination made of 30T +36T Multi-Layer wrapped carbon fiber. They want to work with their communities and give back. Excited to get into one of my favorite nymphing runs, I carelessly set my rod on top of my SUV while I wadered up. Sign up with your email address to receive news and special deals. Fly rod grips are typically made of cork (a few less expensive rods use foam). All flies available on ebay. Rowing an old drift boat in a pair of leaky waders marks the start of a humble journey. They want to conserve the lifestyle of fly fishing and pass it on to other generations. Founded in 2007, Cajun Rods is a small batch manufacturer of carbon fiber fishing rods. A better net was needed that could eliminate mesh by using a fish-friendly rubber net. Help people be happy by getting them outside. Synthesis 82 DEMO - 8'2" 5wt fiberglass fly rod. From small stream light line rods to warm/saltwater rods heavyweight line rods, anything is possible with Fiberglass. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. 875.00. sold out. The fine profile blanks used to deliver the precise, crisp, middle-to-tip action we require which results in a fly rod that loads and unloads more precisely and smoothly. Building fly rods one by one in a small shop and shaping each handle is the only way to control artisan perfection. We offer four distinct rod series: our benchmark Signature Series, our economical Patriot Series, our Wagner Classic Series, and from time to time offer a special Presentation Series rod. Action - extrafast . “Fly rods built BY passionate flyfishers FOR passionate flyfishers” Dan Delekta began building fly rods in 1975. Sean grew up on the banks of the Columbia River in the interior region of BC and learned to tie flies at the age of twelve. Laboring over each guide, combining fly fishing experience and passion are what make a USA Made WETFLY fly rod. SMALL-BATCH, HAND-ROLLED, BASKET PRESSED ARTISAN FLY RODS Ok, maybe not quite. Tide Chaser. Some new Landlocks have been added... 10' 4w Nymph rods! C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. 1618 West Academy Street, Winston-Salem, NC, 27103, United States. The more time spent on the water the more the passion and knowledge grew to inspire something greater. Located in historic Apalachicola, Florida. They want to Make Fly Fishing Easy. Wade rods cover an extremely wide range of fishing scenarios - from small creek fishing with our 3 wt. The Classic Fly Rod range has proved to be popular with customers just starting out in fly fishing as they have for those just looking for a great fly rod at an affordable price. These are high modulus, lightweight graphite rods with an easy action for effortless casting. Images of … Crafted from experience. FREE 20oz Insulated "Small Batch" Canteen with any Rod or Reel! Wagner, Handcrafted Small Batch Reels The story: The story begins when we purchased a Hardinge HLV-H toolroom lathe in October of 2010 in order to realize a longtime dream to make our own rod hardware for our Classic Series Rods.These have proved very successful, but more rewarding to me personally, was how enjoyable I found machining. Hours. About Eclipse Fly Co. This idea became a reality in a small southern Oregon workshop. We have searched high and low, word-wide to find the best manufacturing partners to help deliver our brand’s key promise: Make Fly Fishing Easy and Affordable to Anyone Who Wants to Experience it. The Motu is hand made on hand rolled Japanese Toray carbon fiber blanks. Sizes vary depending on the rod weight. Owner and lead tier Scott Hetzer started Eclipse Fly Co. in 2018 after guiding in Virginia's Piedmont region.

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