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The apostle choices here should be celebrated and I would say without much qualification for “progressive mormons”. Ziel. The LDS Brazilians I know are adamant that they are of European descent and that they are not Latino. your username. :). Susan Wei, Michael R Kosorok. I genuinely feel this way and am not in any way trying to be disruptive or to be a “troll.” If my voice is silenced (deleted) I will take the hint that I’m not welcome here and will quietly go away. (For more reading on this, see here, here, and here.). Fred–I strongly suspect that you would not have similar qualms about announcements that aligned with your own political priors. %��������� Lindsay has 7 jobs listed on their profile. As far as Soares goes, He looks like a fairly “typical” Euro-Brazilian. AmyT thanks for weighing in! 59 records for Susan Gong. Elder Soares, a Brazillian, brings long-overdue representation from the southern hemisphere. With Elder Gong in England and the future-Sister Gong at BYU, the two learned a few things about long distance relationships. There was almost no better realistic possibility than these two picks. What are covenants and Atonement? Although the character of the racism people of Asian descent experience in the US is very different from what Latinx and black people face, and the significance of that should not be minimized, it is still racism. And hopefully those last few references to the evils of miscegenation can soon be purged. I am pleased for him. When I realized that they were the new Apostles, I had chills all through my body, the hair on my arms stood up, and I felt so joyous. Also speaking during the worldwide devotional, Sister Susan Gong spoke about how our greatest hope is Jesus Christ, our Savior. |(֛T0�a`��C�{�����Y�ۂJ`�EQ,ż���j���sK35� �E�i�?&�����{������h�\�*����V7@�LNRW�t3��7�sA��:��i��!�)�n��h�����:SC�P�6�A X��tY��`���+\;oW|��I�(D4M�BL0�| �[��2��H��q�㸞�B��s+�l�� dx������)�vI��ֵ�B��3���)�xg��Z���6����郖 5>M�x�����Bϳ�t% ��eު��&�P�}�����~. While for *me* it’s not a big deal to see two races come together in marriage, to pretend it’s *objectively* not a factor at all is a trifle naive. But if you would indulge me for a moment, I want to focus on one area of very specific, personal appreciation: the marriage of Elder Gerrit Gong, as an Asian-American man, to his wife Susan Gong, a white woman. Fred: and that is the value of diversity, across every possible category. Create a free family tree for yourself or for Susan Gong and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. Find Susan Gong in United States. 100. Why does ethnicity have to be politicized in Zion the way it is in Babylon? Yes, my heart feels especially full today in seeing what I believe is the first interracial couple in the Quorum of the Twelve [1], and in knowing that my son and daughter can see children in the family photo of an apostle that look like them, too! Buy Now. Richard and Marian Lindsay are the parents of six children and were named Utah's Parents of the Year in 2001. Why treat it like a zero-sum game? I have personally experienced stinging examples of this bias: confusion about our children, surprise about us being together, and even comments along the lines that I “did it backwards” by being a white woman married to my Korean-American husband. In fact, the “model minority” label is itself an example of racism, both because it exists really only for the purpose of supporting white supremacy by attacking other people of color for purportedly being less deserving of respect and success, and because it treats Asian people as a monolith. But it’s something a couple should acknowledge and prepare for. Yet in this case and always the Lord calls his Apostles. Susan's brother, Bruce, was a popular news anchor on KSL TV before his 2012 call to preside over the Australia Perth Mission. Spouse: Susan Lindsay. The fact that they are an interracial couple didn’t even occur to em; I was just thrilled that there is finally some more international representation in the upper-most echelon. Otherwise it would be hard for that person to win the confidence of the senior leadership. “…for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”. Enter your email address to follow BCC and receive new posts by email. Communication not at its best. But today, let us rejoice! What I hope for is a group that comes from different cultural backgrounds that can consider and represent a worldwide church. She lived in 1940, at address, California. He has traced his ancestry back 33 generations to First Dragon Gong, born a.d. 837 in southern China during the late Tang dynasty. If that makes me bad/wrong, then so be it. church instruction manuals for institute and youth, Melody and Twila (and peggy)–How Lucky We Are to Be Alive Right Now, This week in Mormon Land: Heavenly Mother, new mission presidents and Russell Nelson's latest milestone - Salt Lake Tribune, President Russell Nelson, other top LDS leaders vaccinated against COVID - Salt Lake Tribune, LDS leaders encouraging members to hold summer youth conferences - Daily Herald, LDS Tooele County temple relocated, renamed - KUTV 2News, Owner seeks to demolish historic LDS meetinghouse. In early October of this year, fellow apostle Gerrit W. Gong and his wife, Susan Lindsay Gong, contracted COVID-19. $�܈���\'e���������O�O˔��N�G�T%���Y�d[T'�\�,��T�Ş�%U���$��4�V[�����㤥Ζ+�B"eGUq�oWq��jג��e_�Q���]���*Mv��[��@T7��EY�ZT�VI��1b��%n��%#x*�-�U��sZ��A����f�`ۡ=��@=�*� ��������@�ͭ��ƭ�7�X�x�t���i!6��pE˼8��X���@����u'��ü����D��,��)�[J0'�L�iY^��O e� �-[�U�-�T;��j�g!P ��}�g%�AEh����^���������

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