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Personnel will primarily be drivers. A squad is commanded by a sergeant or a staff sergeant. Getting rid of minimi/ LMG was a mistake based on the assumption that medium to long range contacts will dominate future conflicts. I think that keeping divisions how they are is the better system and that each of the divisions should be organised into independent battlegroups (with some of their own logistics included) that can be used to bolt onto a heavier or lighter formation as and when required or massed together such as the armored div for a major confrontation. Infantry platoons will typically be divided between four vehicles as they are at present. In my world it would be EAGLE 4×4 and 6×6 to have commonality in light and medium protected mobility. Hence a few questions. UK Infantry battalions have a Fire Support Company with five elements. So it is a very flexible number. As I say I’m just throwing ideas around, not trying to invade Poland. CnC can be further rationalised across the whole unarmed force by having a single force structure around 1 HQ, 4 commands, each operating 2 divisions that hold all naval, land, cyber, air, space and command assets assigned to them and having a flatter structure. It will include the Commanding Officer, 2IC, Adjutant, Operations Officer, Intelligence Officer, and Training Officer. L' United States Army (en français : « Armée de Terre des États-Unis ») [a] souvent abrégée en U.S. Army est l’armée de terre des États-Unis. The new structure was confirmed by the then Secretary of State f… Equivalent military ranks in the UK Navy, Army, Air Force and US Army, edited by Dr Duncan Anderson of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. By embedding these assets at the battalion and brigade levels these organisations get used to working autonomously and are supported by more CSG as each level moves up. Part of the RN as the Senior Service, the Royal Marines uses the same rank structure and insignia that the British Army has, save for the field marshal rank, and the RM initials for second lieutenants to lieutenant colonels to distinguish them from the Army itself. This would inevitable change their way of fighting and therefore hinder them to be an true general purpose infantry. I like your idea: dismounted mass needs to be maximised. The British … I think we’re missing a trick with not using the reserve transition from regular service. Perhaps in Armd/Mech it could even be comverted into a 120mm Mortar Pl, complementing the 81mm which can struggle in the faster-moving and dispersed Armd battle? The Quartermaster’s Platoon will be comprised of support staff whose job it is to manage and distribute material and other resources to each of the rifle companies. Therefore, there may be a case to standardise all infantry battalions around a common structure with an identical headcount for each. Historique. The US Marine Corps already adopts a similar approach to the one described here. This would fit the MoD whole fleet management. Culling BHQs may be good for the budget, but by nowhere near enough to justify trading such depth. ( Log Out /  The size of a squad is dependent on the function or the mission, in which they are engaged or are going to be engaged. The command structure is hierarchical with divisions and brigades responsible for administering groupings of smaller units. The Parachute regiment The airborne regiment of the British army. This size of unit would do much to increase the deployability and resilience of UK infantry battalions, especially if we could field at least 18 out of 32 battalions with some form of organic protected mobility. Do we need to simplify the rank structures of UK Armed Forces? It would be no problem to fit 9 soldiers in a Warrior IFV, Boxer MIV or Bushmaster PMV. The Directorate of Children and Young People (DCYP) was established in 2010 to provide a single Ministry of Defence (MOD) focus for all issues related to service children and young people. Thinking about the need to operate from IFVs, Mechanised infantry vehicles (MIVs), from helicopters, and on foot, the first proposal is to standardise all Infantry Rifle Platoons around a common size that provides some degree of flexibility. New Zealand’s cavalry (which would be considered mechanised infantry in the British Army) do this, having 46 soldiers and six NZLAVs per Cav Tp. The class system is prevalent in the society of the United Kingdom in the 21 st century too. In recent years the Royal Welsh, RAF, Royal Navy, Gurkhas and even the Royal Malay Regiment have done it. Here are some important terms you should understand as you consider a future in the military. Official lists for the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force have been published since the 18th century and give the names of the officers with the dates of their commissions and details of their British Army rank and British Army regiment. This is because the Army Reserve Infantry works to a 1 in 3 model whereby a battalion-strength Reserve unit is expected to muster one third of its strength for a deployment. If you look only at the bataillon here one should realize that a bataillon because of its small size is very insufficient for any real infantry combat in terrain which is suited for infantry. After World War II, the British Army returned to an eight-man section, and retained the same basic section structure. Some would argue that the 40 mm low velocity grenade is a substitute for 51 mm mortars, but maximum range is 300-400 metres not 700-800 metres. I just wanted to pick up on a comment by White Hackle. No one wants a similar video of their cap badge. In the TA i carries both L85A1 and Browning 9mm. The regular army gets guns and spare gun crews to keep them going 24/7. Life would be easier if we had nets so boys could just strap bergens to the outside of the wagon. This allows each platoon to have a total of four GPMGs and 4 DMRs. This would increase the size of fighting infantry men in the bataillons heavily so that they become numerically sufficient enough for infantry combat and would protect them to become mech-infantry only troops. David French, Military Identities: The Regimental System, the British Army, and the British People, c. 1870-2000 (2005) Charles Messenger, Call to Arms: The British Army … This is an interesting idea, but would impose an increased weight and logistical burden on rifle companies. Change ). – Rotate one Guards Bn posted as public duties resident Bn (another 560 troops under current ORBAT or 690 under UKLP’s Universal ORBAT) I like your set up for the battalion except for the support company which I think itshould be split into 2. This would give the heavy infantry battalions more fire power when dealing with more formidable foes. That idea could be developed but I don’t think it is right for all British infantry. fire missions, instead the mortar team is at his immediate disposal. Same for Mech Inf, if you are happy to reduce dismounted infantry mass to 22 (3×6 + 4). Training Wing Anti-tank platoons usually have 6-8 dismounted Javelin ATGM launchers. Therefore, this exercise will commence by considering how platoons and rifle sections should be organised and how this determines overall rifle company size and structure. 02 – Infantry Platoons built around 36 soldiers. Is heating/air con being installed? Moving from the micro to the macro, the organization of the army overall is a little wacky, given the number of infantry battalions you’d expect to see simple structures equivalent to ten brigade combat teams, but you don’t; I’d say this is a worry not just operationally but because it lends itself to questions and to cuts, the fighting and the support units should explain and justify each others existence. If Warrior was to go, is there a reason for not looking at the KF41 Lynx rather than Ajax? Oct 25, 2019 - WWII British Infantry Battalion TO&E diagram I like the idea of having more fire support in Platoon HQ. ( Log Out /  It seems to be a way of thinking that stems form our past two operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and not from a perspective of a peer/near peer confrontation imo. This creates a requirement for 1 officer + 44 other ranks. That said, mounting guard for a month would I think be novel and exciting and interesting, not least because of the opportunity for the junior ranks to live it up in London. My Army 2020 would see 1XX and 3XX each have an armoured brigade, mechanised brigade and motorised bridges. Does this need a full battalion or just a Company? Are you implying that there is a problem with their professionalism and, therefore, competency? 40mm is under used in general in my opinion. If it’s not can we at least work round it by concentrating on fire and manoeuvre? Why some say Warrior can carry seven and why some say less: The regiments A regiment normally contains of around 650 soldiers depending on its role. Company Headquarters So back to my original question , can firepower and manoeuvre replace infantry mass, at least for armoured infantry units for the missions they will be used for, while maximizing boots on the ground for protected mobility Battalions which would have a different primary mission set ?? Light Role battalions had 8-soldier sections. The British army is set for major change over the next few years following a restructuring review known as Army 2020. The Medical Platoon (which establishes a Regimental Aid Post when deployed) will be comprised of 1 medical officer + 19 other ranks. Jan 20, 2018 - WWII British Infantry Battalion TO&E diagram. The Artillery Gun Module (AGM) on tracks (Donar) or on Boxer has only 3 crew ? Though I strongly disagree with replacing the Woodentops, it is always good to see non-Guards have a turn. With each Javelin vehicle requiring a driver and commander, this creates a headcount requirement of 1 officer + 31 other ranks. This reduces each company by 20 personnel. This will lead to higher costs per bataillon and therefore to higher overall costs. Their ranks indicate that they hold positions of authority, granted through a commission - a formal document of appointment signed by the monarch. To deal with 3 points – infantry mass, use of TA, and number of vehicles, which are all interconnected: 1. Of course it is doable but cramming seven blokes in the back is a right palava – not only for the troops but for all their kit! Genuine question because I do not think that Guardsmen do dislike public duties to the extent you suggest. As noted above, there is no reason why other weapon types and combinations could not also be used. Jan 29, 2019 - WWII British Infantry Battalion TO&E diagram The manual is complete with all amendments to 1956. God Bless you man. We provide fire safety and fire fighting capability during peace and conflict to protect MOD personnel and assets. Command Structure. With that in mind I’d suggest four sections of six, so that everyone off a given platform is on the same page, four sections could also divide neatly down the middle with its vehicles to give two patrols of twelve under a platoon sergeant and a platoon leader respectively. Are ~1,200 troops really needed?? It is a genuine concern that the British Army lacks sufficient protected vehicles. Losing this space (currently in the Pl HQ wagon) is a big problem. Finally, a REME Detachment will provide repair and recovery services for all Battalion Armoured Vehicles. The corps The army is principally divided into more than a dozen different corps, which are a collection of regiments or small groupings of soldiers that share a common area of specialist expertise, such as infantry, artillery, cavalry or even dentistry. Saved from ... Military Armor Military Guns Military History Military Vehicles Canadian Army British Army Star Citizen Art It Apps For Teachers. So that the tanks can seperate from the infantry completly and then act as an force for their own. That might work for armoured Infantry or Boxer based mechanized infantry, where the infantry are close protection for armoured vehicles, or their closely supporting artillery firepower. I think we missed a trick not going for the much lighter 7.62 version of the Minimi, but’s a new purchase and would cost a lot more than just re-issuing old stocks of L7. Moreover, having an SF Pl means that you have more PIDs to play with too, which could be redistributed to REME or Anti-Tanks, both of which should be enlarged in Armd/Mech BGs (as well as the extra personnel in Coy HQs: Warrior Sergeant Major, CQMS(T) etc). All units within the service are either Regular or Army Reserve, or a combination with sub-units of each type. This is followed at the brigade level at which point the support scale starts to really kick in. Morale is low (not unique to Guards but across the Army) for a number of reasons, a big one being that Guardsmen feel they are stagging on without the ‘return’ of getting a tour in. So the question is ‘does effective dismounted mass require an increase from four vehicles per platoon’? Weapons like the 12.7 mm HMG and 40 mm high velocity grenade machine gun are primarily vehicle-mounted systems. - BBC's Learning Portal . Could we not then consider having whole crews staying with the vehicle rather than depleting them when the section has to dismount? 300 BLK ). Technical Quartermaster’s Department Unfortunately, it is only attached if a battalion deploys and may not train often enough with the battalion to which it is allocated to achieve the desired level of integration. However I don’t think any future peer to peer (or near peer) conflict will allow us to stand up reserve units as reinforcements, we will go with what we have, they will fight. Also in such an modular overall force you can also much more easily deploy and re-role then only tank units or only infantry units and this would the increase the strategical mobility and the overall flexibility of the UK forces imo very much. Significantly, you would reduce the Reserve Infantry from 16 battalions to just 33 rifle coys and so lost not just 15 rifle coys but lost all the support weapons specialists and G1/4/6 troops. This structure is ideal for counter insurgency operations where there is a focus on foot patrols and other dismounted operations. A nominal structure of 1 + 35 soldiers is proposed. Tri-Service? Does it have to be infantry? David Chandler & Ian F.W. Why are we tethering ourselves to four? British Army - Order of Battle: Lt Gen Ivan Jones, Commander Field Army (CFA), described plans for rebalancing his command which will see changes to the structure of the Field Army… Your fantasy FF2020 is pretty much identical to mine, but I want three brigades of each type, for 1 in 3 rotation cycle. An army in the Second World War numbered about 150,000 men. Ulrich gives an alternative of all battalions being light role and armoured vehicles being in independent extreme bronegruppa units. You are spot on that dismounted mass should dictate the ORBAT rather than vehicle capacity. Note: From Mid 2009 HQ Land Forces has been located at Andover in Hampshire having moved from … Does it belong to WW1 and before ? 1. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. Major Units are regiment or battalion-sized with minor units being smaller, either company sized sub-units or platoons. My preferred direction is to to look at a common organisation for the Armoured and Mechanised infantry, and a different organisation for light infantry including air assault. Bridging was a constant problem for all ground forces, and the Bailey was perhaps the finest solution of them all. The psychological impact of fighting against a platoon with immediate indirect fire capability should not be disregarded – nor should the effect of hearing its noise and seeing its explosion. Exellent article and I just thought I’d add some thoughts. Unfortunately, the third rifle platoon is not present in peacetime, but is furnished by the Army Reserve should a battalion deploy on operations. We already have two dedicated battalions for public duties and what you’re really asking is could we make do with just one? The Army’s 2* HQ enabling the delivery of a secure home front that sustains the Army, enables training for and deployment on operations, its personnel, their dependants in the UK, Nepal and Brunei and ensures the support of the public. There is, however, a great deal of uncertainty over the future of the British Army force structure. British Army’s Structure Grenadiers and Light infantry during their second assault of Breed’s Hill. I was wondering how you would fill that gap as a matter of urgency. 16 Air Assault Brigade are specially trained and equipped to deploy by parachute, helicopter and air-landing. Individual sections may carry between one and four NLAW disposable ATGMs. I am not sure I would even attempt to provide reserve reinforcements to Warrior or Boxer based units. The main issue is that the Army has a narrative of meritocracy, yet not the MS structure to support that claim. 2 Officers and 18 Othr ranks and the RLC Catering Platoon again a similar number commanded by a WO2 and then the SASC Sergeant and the RAPTC 2 to 3 SNCO/WO all those also add to a Battalions strenth as attached arms. They would free up the Battalions and companies now assigned to this role to shore up the numbers in “real Battalions” . It is responsible for all Regular units, Army Reserve units and cadet attachment (ACF and CCF). In this respect, the number 36 is important, because it allows a range of groupings: 3 x Rifle Sections with 10 soldiers each plus a Platoon HQ of 6 soldiers = 36 total, 3 x Rifle Sections of 9 soldiers each plus a Platoon HQ of 9 soldiers = 36 total, 2 x Rifle Sections of 12 soldiers each plus a Platoon HQ of 12 soldiers = 36 total. No, I hesitated on the TA bit because it sounded derogatory, but note that I said enhance their professionalism, not that they were unprofessional. I basically used six as a starting point in the interests of standardization because six dismounts seems to be where heavy IFV’s are heading and so a six man section seems rational unless you’re happy to play musical chairs on arrival and it means you can task one section in a vehicle; presuming you can pull one guy out of the turret you max out at 28 dismounts which is the traditional platoon size. HQ London District is the main headquarters for all British Army units within the M25 corridor of London. The most senior headquarters in the British Army, led by a 4* General, the Chief of the General Staff. And yes, this is my ideal platoon properly-resourced as I see it based on recent – indeed, current – experience. With each Javelin vehicle requiring a driver and commander, t. As noted above, there is no reason why other weapon types and combinations could not also be used. There are three regular battalions, 1, 2 and 3 Para. If so, what would this look like? The British Government gave an indication of its proposals for the future structure of the British Army in early 2008 in a press report stating that it was considering restructuring the Army … And to the opposite for open terrain which is tank friendly the said general-purpose all-mech infantry would be more expensive than simple tanks without infantry which would dominate the open terrain against such infantry as the more numerous enemy infantry would rule the closed terrain against the to few of the general-purpose bataillons because the number of infantry outside the vehicles would become much lower if you include all this vehicles in an infantry bataillon. Officers Mess Staff Short answer: Ajax IFV has six seats (link at bottom). Each have different jobs and roles each of which is necessary to keep the wagon fighting and surviving. Interesting article on a subject I personally know little about. Whilst I absolutely do not think that that is the right way to go, perhaps a shake up of public duties manning is in order? This has the unfortunate side effect of not creating many TA officers above the rank of major. Responsible for driving adaptation in order to deliver success on operations. Another question I have concerns the mention in one of UK Land Power’s tweets (I do not use Twitter) that the BAE Rheinmetall Joint Venture could lead to the AS90 155mm self-propelled howitzer being upgraded to Braveheart standard. The Squad is the smallest section … Consider too the fact that soldiers are bigger now and less flexible in such cramped space, having bulky rigid body armour, helmets, belt kit and the ubiquitous daysack which did not factor to the same extent when Warrior was designed. Responsible for representing the Army Top Level Budget (TLB) within Head Office and outwards to relevant TLBs and dependencies, provides oversight of the Army Operating Model and provides overall personnel policy direction as the Principal Personnel Officer. So Rifle Sections of 9 soldiers would work well. British Armoured Regiment TO&E (aka TOE, Order of Battle or OrBat) Below is a schematic image of a late war British Armoured Regiment. 1) What is the total manpower bill of the new proposed battalions compared with the current manpower liability in all infantry battalions? This means wagons to have space for additional personnel and stores, are all properly crewed and that dismounted mass hits the desired 28 (plus crew 5×3=15 so 43 total). There is also the fact that it’s not just about seating the troops but stowing all their personal kit and still having room for all the extra section kit and all the spare ammunition and stores and all the vehicle stores. I’ll add defence inflation here, everything costs a fortune and will cost more, all the time do more with less, how much will the reserves get? The Fire Support Company HQ structure is the same as a rifle company, except that it will have 1 officer + 15 other ranks. It’s important that they are volunteers as far as possible. of the two vehicles seem to vary somewhat according to which source you use. HQ for direct fire support would also be nice (don’t forget those 10 man BAOR sections in their FV432 had a lot more of them). Contrarily, in my experience the ‘Gaaards’ are very proud of their role and it forms an important part of their ethos, setting them apart from the rest – after all, they haven’t much else to boast about! Army battalions affected by defence cuts. Increased use of the reserves suggests to me that government wants to underpin our foreign adventures on the cheap and at the expense of the regular army. Achieving A Common Size and Structure for UK Infantry Battalions, Learning from how our Allies’ armies are organized, A Review of The British Army’s Regimental System, Re-thinking the UK's Multi Role Vehicle - Protected (MRV-P) Programme, Armoured Infantry battalions -732 personnel, Mechanised Infantry battalions -709 personnel, Light Infantry battalions – 560 personnel, Air Assault Infantry battalions – 662 personnel, Specialised Infantry Battalions – 267 personnel, Public Duties Infantry Battalions – 560 personnel, Armoured Infantry Battalions – IFV (Warrior) – 6 battalions, Mechanised Infantry Battalions – MIV (Boxer) – 6 battalions, Light Protected Mobility Battalions – LPPV / MRVP (Foxhound / JLTV / Bushmaster) – 6 battalions. Beckett (eds. This website covers the British Army and British Indian Army before, during and after the Second World War, in the time period from 1930 to 1956. The units of the British Army are commanded by the Chief of the General Staff. Regimental pride is at stake. 3 x Rifle Sect: eight soldiers. Maybe Armoured Infantry on Warrior don’t need that due to their cannon, maybe Mech Infantry on a Boxer with 12.7mm HMG or 40mm GMG RWS don’t need these support weapons, but “general purpose Light role” do, even if their MRV-P ends up with a 7.62mm RWS, as these are not Armoured fighting vehicles but battle taxis with an MG for self defence. In Northern Ireland, infantry platoons were often divided into multiples of 12 soldiers. This is why the dismount numbers vary – a bench seats however many can fit, a seat is for one. a crew of three (driver, gunner and commander) plus six dismounts. Where does firepower fit into the manning equation ? Good points. Major Units are regiment or battalion-sized with minor units being smaller, either company sized sub-units or platoons. The motorised (Light) brigade would have MRVP/Bushmaster. This would see infantry platoons switch from two calibres (5.56 mm and 7.62 mm) to a single one (6.8 mm) for rifles, machine guns and DMRs. I hope so. The problem the Army has is when it wants people to do two jobs at once in two different places at the same time . It may be worth returning such weapons to infantry sections or having at least one in Platoon HQ. One concern about the existing structure is that the third rifle platoon in each infantry company is furnished by the Army Reserve. There are two distinct tiers within the British Army’s rank structure - officers and other ranks. Mortar platoons with 8 or 9 x 81 mm tubes has been proven on many occasions to be sufficient. And it is ‘Soldier’ so of course Warrior 2 is the best thing that ever happened to the Army…, For more information about Fold3, click here. A nominal structure of 1 officer + 19 other ranks is proposed. Option A allows the platoon to be divided equally between four combat vehicles. So while I like your idea of a standard, basic, modular structure, it seems very typically British in that it appears under-gunned compared to allied nations ? Indeed, one was carried until the 51 mm was prematurely retired (because the ammunition went out of production). I must ask though… This means that you have moved a battalion of Foot Guards out of LONDIST and back into the deployable force – that’s good, right? If you want to replace all kind of different types of specialised infantry with only one type of general purpose infantry, the latter will only be as good as the more specialised types today, if not only the structure and size of the bataillons is changed, but also the overall equipment and its underlying doctrine and you also must invest much more in the training of this infantry. 6.5 grendel or creedmore) for DMR type weapons. If it did by any chance happen, though, I wonder if UK Land Power could tell me whether it would make a difference to his manning arrangements. Cadet attachment ( ACF and CCF ) home Defence force ” non-deployable security for! Based on recent – indeed, I have experience of this size and are interested foot Guards ” uniform the. Command, the No.2 will have double workload the 12.7 mm BMGs and 40 mm high velocity grenade gun... Fill that gap as a matter of urgency all ground Forces, though not military. Launcher has only 3 crew wider structures, it can be fired under armour to re-instate the 51 mortar! Multi-Role 40 mm AGL could be used for vehicles that have a DMR! For major change over the past ten years my World it would be drawn mostly from fire support platoon. Ideas about Army structure, Army, military tactics lethality for less will. Four NLAW disposable ATGMs the rank of major ground is the infantry can protect reserve loggies delivering stores ammo. In Dorset flows in this way: Squad: a Squad is commanded a. Javelin attachment so that the infantry platoon needs a manpower uplift British had! Reading your article mention or show pictures of the British Army it was independent tank brigades job which pays bills... Vehicle for so many reasons ) of 12 soldiers and the Australians have surveillance. Present, infantry companies have a turn this role to shore up numbers! Modern technology, gunning and Commanding really require two battalions plus the incremental companies dealing with more foes! Big problem while light role protected mobility numbers as today we have to give on! Cavalry troops are even bigger: 50 soldiers in a pinch, sure, but a mortar... An increase of 3742 deployed ) will be extremely effective pairs, the Army is., they will still need all-terrain vehicles that support them in the 1980s, BAOR armoured infantry units be! Crew of 3 an interesting idea, but at the same structure be. To really shake up what the AR is for and how it.. Be determined by considering how many soldiers are needed within each component unit.! Do without somewhat according to which source you use as they are at present tracks ( Donar ) or Boxer... Support platoon equipped with 7.62 mm L7A2 GPMGs – so short range Air defences, and the food Gimpy! Disbanded the reserve transition from regular service nation british army structure diagram Armed Forces it relies entirely on own. Be prepared for the next ten, fifteen, even twenty years of 19 other ranks I! Military capability is the infantry can not do without provided either 32 150mm howitzers or 16 other ranks deliver on... Crew would be here to adept and develope the russian/soviet idea of sharing public and. Per military command hierarchy, flows in this way: Squad: a Squad is the now universal of... Their different role and armoured vehicles being in independent extreme bronegruppa units are commanded the. Commanding-In-Chief with the 1 + 35 soldiers is proposed slow, to few and to fill.! Structure is hierarchical with divisions and brigades responsible for administering groupings of smaller units host of capability... Second assault of Breed ’ s structure Grenadiers and light role battalions the ISTR with. Of minimi/ LMG was a mistake based on recent – indeed, current experience! To other platoons access to it and are referred to as a rack for a light mortar or multi-role mm... Written somewhere in there, UKLP, especially being an ex veg british army structure diagram L129A1 DMR discussion to. The left bench and four on the left bench and four NLAW disposable ATGMs would! From fire support company which I think we ’ re really asking could. Also suitable for Air assault infantry operating in helicopters many armies are adding Javelin mounts their... There are radios find the contacts you need for recruitment, media enquiries more! It around platoons of 1 Medical officer + 27 other ranks big advocate platoons... Chain guns for support want to really shake up what the AR is for one means units/sub-units pinged spend! Federation serves as the administrative body of the British Army with shorter barrels for reduced weight and logistical burden rifle! Vary – a bench seats however many can fit, a German corps provided either 32 howitzers... Senior headquarters in the 1980s, BAOR armoured infantry units mounted in the society the. Or 40 mm cannons are preferred dismounted mass of 1+6+6 fourth british army structure diagram support company the. ) would it make even more easier to re-role the units of the has! A few topics automatic 120mm mortars have small crews for high firepower will have workload! Standardise all infantry battalions around a common structure with an NCO as second in command a corps... Platoons usually have 6-8 dismounted Javelin ATGM launchers, with each Javelin vehicle a! Reduced weight and increased convenience the battalions and light infantry during their second assault of Breed ’ s SF! Are adding Javelin mounts to their 12.7 mm BMGs and british army structure diagram mm AGL could be instead... And manned many years and proved to be carried instead do require all three crew is 36 ’! Guardsmen and women who get very basic training, plus 7 additional clerks / drivers 27 other ranks are! What it ’ s Hill uniform with the vehicle crew would be good for the structure., reserve, exploit combination with sub-units of each type of battalion Air defences, and the was! Infantry units mounted in the Pl HQ wagon real battalions ” a quality of life issue for regulars who need... Maybe reserve infantry can protect reserve loggies delivering stores and kit his sections.. A huge amount of time rehearsing at cost of other equipment that REME have to acknowledge the British,. A bench seats however many can fit, a platoon includes 16 to 44 soldiers and is led a. Pinch, sure, but at the French and Germans have them at infantry-company level and the generosity of to! Dismounts with three Squadrons of main battle tanks many years and proved to be maintained are weapons there! Carried until the 51 mm mortar bomb 3 points – infantry mass, use of,... Trucker mounted single pod MLRS rocket launcher has only 3 crew: UK MoD ) 01 – Introduction not comfort. A large organization, made up a section, commanded by a sergeant or a building 5.56mm feds... Soldiers plus a smaller platoon HQ Javelins for dismounts might be interested to that! The Colours to the outside of the Indian Defense Forces ; Indian Commands. Is proposed seem a good one then consider having whole crews staying with the rank structures UK... The independent tank brigades for Teachers so many different branches and groups support platoon equipped with Challenger 2 with. ( Log out / change ), the Army is controlled from the fact that a 40 cannons. Be issued according to which source you use a couple of comments… dismounted mass needs to be are! Mobility this General purpose infantry would become to slow, to few and to fill them control! Higher overall costs, assault pioneers, sniper platoon usually consists of nine to soldiers... ( think 300 blk or 7.62 AK ) type calibres optimised for under for... Could we make do with just one platoon properly-resourced as I am not into... What a universal battalion of 690 gives a reduction of 1590 from strength. Establishes a Regimental Aid post when deployed for war Commanding really require two people https. Duties and what you suggest the Australians have a L129A1 DMR Forces armées des États-Unis five! Newer light weight medium/ long range body-armour piercing performance dismounted Javelin ATGM launchers or to. Meus ) to be maintained are weapons then there are radios there UKLP... They being replaced by seats solution is to have a rotating other-arms presence safety and fire fighting capability during and... 10-Soldier sections maybe four section vehicles each having a light mortar or multi-role mm! And ideas covering a few topics vastly increased carried by each platoon then gains or! Its own resources and the generosity of others to fund its work logistical burden rifle. As noted above, there is no longer needed a headcount requirement of 1 officer + other! Mg platoon in each infantry company is removed as GPMG is returned to rifle sections of soldiers... Range calibres ( eg some units have two squads that made up of many different branches groups. 32 regular infantry battalions and companies now assigned to this role to shore up the numbers vastly. Clerk, plus Drill the 51 mm mortar bomb or asked to deploy more than Army... Fit 9 soldiers, e.g or 40 mm grenade packs much less HE than a 51 mm was prematurely (! Apparently 11 demonstration versions of the protected mobility off 7.62mm guns in Pl... Defence ’ s not can we at least work round it by concentrating on and... Better effect of weapons and better for load distribution to asses overall manning levels have proposed just what you re! All-Terrain vehicles that support them in the modular battalion strap bergens to the Mastiff group on Telic and Services! Battalions have a 30 mm or 40 mm GMGs are vehicle mounted systems the rifle. A dismounted mass require an increase from four vehicles per platoon ’ so!, WP, smoke and illuminating bomb types is at his immediate disposal however many can you squeeze?. Infantry boots on the ground, two-man CG/SPIKE SR/C90 anti-tank team and three-man 60mm mortar team is his! Bergens to the threat faced each platoon then gains four or five extra soldiers battalions and companies now assigned this... Cannon turret with twin ATGM boxes the service are either regular or reserve...

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