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The annual Alilo (Entertainment) Awards, the Philippines' highest entertainment award-giving body, gave him five: one as Most Promising Male performer of the year, one as Most Promising Entertainer of the year and three times as Best Male Performer of the year. Piper said that if he was here, she would kill him, and wondered how Leo took the cure alone. When Leo returned, Piper cried and freaked out, jumping in the ocean to greet him. He could feel that he no longer had nervous energy and it was replaced by a wistful sadness. Annabeth was also the one to tell Leo that he had been claimed by Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths and fire, when he thought his head was on fire. Leo's comment that he made in Atlanta about Leo being worth two or three Frank's hit too close to home for him, and it hurt his feelings. Reyna, his close friend, surrogate sister, and former rival. Percy brings up the Mark of Athena, much to Annabeth's discomfort, calling it a problem. Hazel also wished that Leo was with her instead of Jason when she went to defeat Sciron. Leo informs that Roman eagles were in their way and how he could send Buford as a distraction and go the long way to Charleston. He was taken to court and sentenced to go to the Wilderness School in Nevada, a correctional facility for delinquents, where he would stay for almost half a year. In Atlanta, Leo embarrassed Frank when he teased him for not figuring out Chinese handcuffs, and he said he was worth at least two or three Franks when he and other members of the Argo II were wondering how much each of them would be worth. He also reassured him what happened to his mom wasn't his fault. After they met with Apollo and Artemis, they both told each other about what they heard. The two and Jason cooperated well in defeating the Maenads and saving Camp. He thought her death was his fault. Since the ghost only met with females, Annabeth, Piper, and Hazel agree to go. He states how he had Hazel create a tunnel, built and attached a distress signal to Frank the weasel, and led Coach Hedge to save them. But she soon was extremely worried after he avoided the subject, and Leo brushed it off, saying he didn't need an extra mom. Age When Calypso frees the former god, she goes to check up on his wounded girlfriend. Leo Valdez song fic for the lovely flower that is Rose May! During dinner, he volunteers to fly on Festus to Camp Jupiter to warn them of their impending attack. When one of Ma's children leaves, he uses that moment to attack, taking out her son by tossing him through the roof and then crushing the other with a metal claw when he returns. The dragon blasts him with fire, but Leo's body is unharmed because of his Pyrokinesis. They begin to fly to Quebec, Canada to talk to Boreas to find out where to find Hera. He is also turned into a gold statue but is freed after Jason defeats Lityerses and washes off Leo and Piper in the river, which is freezing cold. Leo throws a fireball at her, but she eats it. He didn't find Annabeth attractive and ever since she had rescued him from the Grand Canyon, she changed his mind about blondes and now thought of them as much too smart and much too dangerous. Leo later asked Frank for his firewood, and though Frank was reluctant, he gave it to him, and trusted Leo. Hazel and Leo then stare at each other awkwardly and Leo tries to help her with her seasickness. In The Hidden Oracle, Leo expressed interest of seeing everyone at Camp Jupiter, including Reyna, and thought it would be fun. In Teutonic, Leo means "Bold to his people". He would have nightmares and hug his pillow, which was embarrassing in the foster homes. While Jason and Piper try to fight Dylan, Hedge takes off his disguise and shows the others that he is a satyr sent to protect Leo and Piper. Leo and Coach Hedge knew each other for a few months before The Lost Hero, when he was Leo's protector at the Wilderness School. Leo was very surprised when Jason wanted him as support, and Leo said that sticking around was his specialty. When Reyna arrived, Leo, along with the rest of the crew, welcomed Reyna on to the ship, and Leo showed Reyna the Athena Parthenos, and when she commented it looked newly made, Leo said he just used some windex and dusted off cobwebs. Luke Castallen- I Hope I Can Trust You. He had a cousin who bullied him, named Raphael, and a mean third grade teacher named Mr. Borquin. Once arriving at camp, Leo is immediately claimed by his father, Hephaestus, and goes on a tour of the camp with Will Solace, who is a son of Apollo and head counselor of cabin seven, who brings him to Hephaestus' cabin. Leo joked about how not breaking deadly poison would've never occurred to him, and Frank told him to shut up and gave him a hug, telling him to be careful. Once the Argo II made it to Delos, Leo wanted Hazel and Frank to come with him because he trusted the two more than the others to know about his suicidal plan to sacrifice himself. That night, after countless attacks, Leo stays manning the wheel while Percy and Annabeth discuss Percy's recent dream. The son of Hephaestus tells Apollo that he feels Calypso sometimes blames him for her lack of powers at times before going to bed. Leo is genuinely very intelligent and honest and cares about his friends and family. They first killed all four of the Nikais or "Nikkettes" as Leo called those metal ladies. The house turns out to belong to King Midas and his son Lityerses. The Eight- Leo Valdez x Reader. The woman is then revealed to be a Blemmyae working for Triumvirate Holdings, who then calls for back up. Jason was very Impressed by his cooking and his fire powers, and when Leo said he didn't want to tell him because he didn't want to look like a freak, he reassured him that he was just as a freak as he and Piper were. The next day, the group arrives at the Rock of Gibraltar, otherwise known as the Pillars of Hercules. Vengeance! At a shattered pine tree, a woman kneels at a cave entrance that had cracked open between the tree's roots. He even would obey Leo's orders sometimes, like when he told him to stay above deck. Annabeth informs that the Mark of Athena would lead her to the Athena Parthenos, which vanished. Piper was shocked when she saw Leo with Festus, but said it was beautiful and was impressed by the machinery. Frank wasn't happy that he was stuck with Leo, and told Leo he obviously cared more about this ship than his friends due to his carelessness. 5'6"/ 167 cm The only thing they had in common was Calypso, and that made him want to punch Percy in the face. Leonidas "Leo" Valdez Jason uses the storm spirits to fly them away from the house and after setting up camp, Leo makes tofu burgers for Piper and the newly freed Coach Hedge. And when Percy and Annabeth came to check on Leo, he immediately asked if Jason was okay. The brothers say that they can't land unless it's an emergency landing, so they trick them into letting them into Boreas' palace. Jason thought that Leo was weird, and told him that. She was asleep with a black robe, a veil, with clothes made of earth. Leo bonds with Josephine immediately for their shared love of mechanics and technology. Esperanza would switch between English and Spanish when she talked to him and made him bilingual. He never saw Hazel again. Leo revealed that he thought Jason was always the star, who took everything for granted, and Jason said that Leo was annoying, who cannot take anything seriously or even fix a dragon. They all retreat to the Wolf House, but Khione arrives and freezes all the Hunters, allowing the wolves and Earthborn to walk into the front door. Jason states that Hercules might be on the island and that he'll want to talk to them. annabeth chase. This is enough to break the spell over Leo and Jason, but Medea lets loose the Sun Dragons to fight them off while she escapes. He was also grateful when Piper and Jason weren't going to leave him alone with Calais, and willing to fight for him. Feb 5, 2019 - Mostly RP, to see how your date would go with the one and only, Leo Valdez! Leo was also the first person to compliment Leo on Piper's singing when she sang to Kekrops. Height He opens a second door while Apollo and Meg stand watch. Sammy claims it was a good life, but it was cursed. She tried to \"kill\" him multiple times by putting him in an active fireplace and by letting him play with kniā€¦ (". Aphros tells Hazel to visit again with Arion and to save Nico the day after tomorrow as he will be vital to the quest. RR Frank became furious at Hazel and Leo when they found out they were holding hands and staring into each other's eyes, because he didn't know it was a blackout. His cabin members elect him as Cabin Leader and make plans to make the Argo II and fly to Greece. Leo also hated the educational field trips that the Coach would take them on. Girl's Day Out Part 1 - Reader, Annabeth, Piper and Hazel. It took years for him to realize not everyone spoke that way. He can fly the chopper well enough thanks to his mechanical instincts, but sleet began to hammer the helicopter and they crash into the middle of a battlefield. Hazel Levesque and Leo first meet in The Mark of Athena, but first sees him in a video scroll during The Son of Neptune. Family The three try to get away, but Nanette catches up to them. Coach Hedge had a tendency to force Leo to do push ups. He just couldn't dislike him after he apologized and acted all nice and sincere. "And Mr. Valdez," the centaur called out, "I would remove that piece of gumbo out of your hair before meeting him." After becoming a god again, Apollo visits the Waystation where Leo has just returned from a day of doing community service teaching homeless kids at a shelter shop skills. The group discusses Ephialtes and Otis, the twin giants, and how Romans would not follow them into the Mare Nostrum. He jogged towards the only living people he could see, a group of Romans, and notices Octavian in the midst of the conversation. Suspicious, the Maenads figure out the truth and chase Leo and his friends until Leo comes up with an idea. Leo was very happy when Percy survived Tartarus and whooped in happiness. Six months after Gaea's 'death', Leo, Calypso, and Festus finally return to Camp Half-Blood after the camp is almost destroyed by the Colossus Neronis. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. In September, after Jason and Piper received a parchment scroll from Leo, they spent the entire month looking for him, until Chiron urged them to get on with their education. However, Coach Hedge secretly cared about Leo, who was one of the demigods he was assigned to protect, along with Piper. The next morning, the group arrives in Rome. He was introduced in The Last Olympian, where Annabeth is hurt and he uses his father's healing gift to help cure Annabeth. In the morning, Leo thanks Piper for not hating him after attacking New Rome the previous day. They meet up with the other woman, whom he almost immediately bonds with over a shared love of machinery. This is because Sammy is his great-grandfather, as stated in, While Leo is a son of Hephaestus, he shares many traits with the children of, Leo's is the only known case of a demigod who met and befriended another, Leo once reprogrammed all the electronic billboards in Times Square to read "ALL DA LADIES LUV LEO!" Once they land and everyone is safe, they receive an Iris Message from Thalia that she found Hera at the Wolf House, so they borrow the chopper with Leo as the pilot. (Image courtesy of Fletcher Callanta). HoO/ToA The name can refer to: Not long after the dream starts, Zeus picks up on the dream and cuts the connection. Leo states that Calypso is enjoying going to high school and is currently working as a counselor at a mortal band camp for the summer. Hazel grabs the rope ladder but tells them to cut Annabeth's ankle. His mom worked at her machine shop because no one would hire her, providing for the both of them. Percy tells him to head to Charleston where they can find a map to the Mark of Athena. They inform the crew that the ichthyocentaurs would protect the ship until they reach the Mare Nostrum. Leo tells Percy that Gaea had shown them Annabeth in peril and they head to the Emmanuel Building. She tells him that she wants him to meet her favorite son. The two skipped stones, and when Percy caught the rock Leo skipped, Leo wanted to show off by blowing up a tour bus with fire. The two had a very strong relationship and Leo was devastated when his mother died. Once they got to Rome, Hazel wanted Leo to go on the quest with her and Frank to find Nico, which made Frank's smile look like Chrysaor's mask. Leo tries to talk Narcissus into giving him the celestial bronze but fails. After Jason gets Gaea several miles up in the air and Piper puts Gaea to sleep with her Charmspeak, Leo has Festus release his friends and then blasts Gaea with all of his firepowers, just as Octavian hits her with a flaming onager (accidentally killing himself in the process). Percy was also initially cautious around Leo, and when he went with Hazel Levesque to Utah, Percy had a talk with Leo and told her Hazel's story, but gave him a look that said "If you mess with my friend, I will personally feed you to a great white shark."

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