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Suzaku fights Kallen to a standstill, eventually taking a blow to the chest which causes his Knightmare to explode while she loses consciousness. Later in their first mission together with Zero and the others, Suzaku and the others fought against Spring One in her Core unit, Sea Stand, which Autumn later delivered the final blow in her Core unit, Alpharto, causing Spring to escape. Suzaku is deployed to the Chinese Federation's capital, where the First Prince of Britannia and the Empress Tianzi are to be wed; Suzaku later reunites with Kaguya discussing about their past and how Zero managed to save him once but refuses to acknowledge it. He was already a student at Ashford Academy from the start. This is the subreddit for Code Geass. Afterwards, Lelouch takes advantage of this and sways Suzaku to protect Nunnally. 1 Lyrics 1.1 TV Size 1.2 Full Version 2 … He is later seen talking to Nunnally again as Nunnally progresses Area 11's status. In the first season, his face is mostly seen as calm and relaxed. As Lloyd has upgraded the Guren far beyond what the Lancelot is capable of, she easily parries his attacks and significantly damages the Lancelot. and Kallen, have fought and defeated him, but when Xingke was about to be killed by Bradley, Suzaku had blocked his attack and saved him, leading Xingke to switch sides and defeating Luciano, leading him to his death. tyrannical Emperor of the world, as part of their plan for world peace, while simultaneously redeeming both Lelouch's and Suzaku's sins by having them impose the greatest punishments on themselves: death for Lelouch who wishes for a tomorrow with his sister, life for Suzaku who wishes to atone for his sins through death. He is later confronted by Lelouch, and they talk about their past; but Suzaku worries that he will only cause Lelouch and Nunnally trouble. Suzaku is appointed as Euphemia's personal Knight, granting him the rank of Major, after a televised battle with the Black Knights makes his occupation public knowledge. hat das Heilige Britannische Reich (神聖ブリタニア帝国, Shinsei Buritania Teikoku) Japan in weniger als einem Monat erobert, das fortan, seines Namens beraubt, als Area 11 existiert. Suzaku confronts the Emperor himself blaming him for what he has done to Euphie and that Geass is behind it along with pushing Lelouch and Nunnally to danger. Suzaku and the other Rounds' members watch as Zero announces that he will continue his plans to create the United States of Japan. He could have easily said that and could have ended the theories of him being alive then and there. When they find Nunnally, they also find a bomb above her that is ready to detonate. Later Julius launches his campaign "World Liberation Ark Fleet" as a ruse to sow chaos amongst the Europians. He also held a strong sense of loyalty, never questioning the orders of his superiors. While Suzaku possesses no outwardly superhuman powers such as Geass, his physical prowess is top-notch. While clashing with the Holy Order of Michael, Shin believes Suzaku's true nature to be similar to his own, that he hates the world and wants to destroy it with the darkness within him. which initially was a deathwish for C.C. He attacks the Black Knights to prevent them from reaching the Avalon, but was too late. Following the battle, Suzaku can only laugh madly at the destruction he has caused. Only Suzaku, Kallen, Lelouch, Anya, and Jeremiah appear post R2 as Lelouch is declared dead and Suzaku taking on the mantle of Zero. The two arrived at the school's chapel, acting as the Neo-Chinese's HQ, and confronted the leader, but was tricked and their souls were absorbed into mystic item known as the "Thousand-man Silver Vase". Before they can get answers, Suzaku's superiors come and tell him not to question his briefing and to shoot the "terrorist", Lelouch. After hearing an incident at the train station, Suzaku tells the security to keep Shirley safe as he goes into the building. In a surprising twist, Zero announces that he will accept Nunnally's offer in exchange for exile. As his final order and punishment, Lelouch tells Suzaku that he is dead from this day on, forced to exist as Zero and sacrifice his happiness for the sake of the world, an order Suzaku accepts. at the end. Before heading out to battle, Suzaku calls Lelouch whose number was Euphemia's and discuss about their current actions and they wish both each other luck as friends. His long blue cloak becomes black upon becoming the Knight of Zero. However, he finds himself under arrest afterwards for the murder of Prince Clovis; though Lelouch was in fact responsible for this, the military needs a scapegoat since they have no idea who was responsible. He possesses superior hand-eye coordination and has extensive military training in both firearms and hand-to-hand combat. However, he is unable to continue as his Landspinner is destroyed, which allow the Black Knights to retreat with Tohdoh. Suzaku had a hard time acknowledging Lelouch's past actions, such as the Orange and Lake Kawaguchi incidents. In the manga spin-off series shows Suzaku as the main protagonist, wearing a bionic combat suit and going by the alias Lancelot. contradicts Zero Requiem, but they forget that Lelouch vi Britannia actually died along with all the relationships he hold in that life. Use of any tablatures on this site without permission of the tabber is prohibited. Plus 2016 marks the 10 year anniversary of Code Geass, lets hope we get some great news !! Shirley Fenette. As a result, he is also dubbed the "White Reaper" or "White Death". I just completed a rewatch and was thinking about this again. After his defeat and Autumn using all of her powers to prevent the hole to expand, Suzaku returns to his own world along with Zero, Kallen, and others. We allow anything Code Geass related, including: games, pictures, discussion, and more, provided it doesn't break subreddit rules. All those blog posts also forgot about that. So veteran anime fans or Japanese fans in particular have grown used to such endings. The cart scene: This scene truly hints that the cart driver might really be Lelouch. Moreover his reluctance to explicitly mention Lelouch's fate and the director's statement that 'it is upto the viewers to decide Lelouch's fate', does point to the fact that Lelouch's code got activated after dying by Suzaku's hand and he was resurrected as an immortal just like C.C. 20 (Lelouch Of The Re;surrection). While walking with Lelouch and Shirley, Suzaku wonders what Lelouch have been doing up until now and his suspicions regarding him as Zero. Later Suzaku would continue honoring Euphemia's memory by continuing his quest to change within by becoming the Knight Of One so that he could have the privilege of ruling an area on his own and transform Area 11. Driven to the edge, Suzaku realizes he cannot win and comes to terms with his death as an atonement. Happy to help :) and thanks a lot for those kind words. While everyone escape to the student council room, Lelouch thought of a plan to defeat the enemy, but requires assistance from the others, to which Suzaku agreed with the plan and went with Kallen. And now lets move to the most important part: The promise that Lelouch made to C.C.. Lelouch draws his pistol as well, and both men attempt to shoot one another, at which point the screen fades to black and the season ends with two gunshots. Ending the series in an ambiguous manner allows anime studios to create anxiety among the fans, and whenever any new content regarding that series is released it gains instant attention from excited fans. He obtains Code (Charle's/V.V. His ruthless and devastating defeat of the knights gained him the title "White Reaper". He also acted in a rather bratty manner when he first met Lelouch, beating Lelouch up and bullying him. Lets hope Akito the exiled gives us some clear information about Geass. In the video game spin-off, if the player uses Rai's Geass on Suzaku to make him join the Order of the Black Knights, Suzaku joins and brutally fights off the Britannian forces. Thus Suzaku chooses to fight side by side with Lelouch as a faithful knight, to complete the Zero Requiem they devised together. Code geass 3 6.jpg. 's contract being one of them. He also mentioned that, he knew that people considered the ending to be bad, since - Schneizel who killed millions of people in the britannian capital using the weapon damocles survived while Lelouch's life was shown to end. At the time he assassinated Lelouch under the guise of Zero, he was also able to dodge incoming gunfire from 6 separate Knightmare Frames. After breaking down, Lelouch uses his Geass to permanently silence Mao, who is then killed by C.C. Ein Jahr ist seit der Niederschlagung des Aufstandes der Schwarzen Ritter vergangen. While the list in the Continue magazine did have the name Lelouch vi Britannia in the deceased list it doesn't mean that he didn't got resurrected as an immortal. He also held a quill given to him by Euphy and customized his Lancelot's shield with a Knight Of Honor as a mark towards her. From this point on, Suzaku remains the pilot of the Lancelot. When he demanded why he did it, Lelouch replied that he only did it for the both of them. Suzaku is later introduced as an Honorary Britannian soldier. When four of the remaining Knights of the Round attempt to remove Lelouch from power, Suzaku battles them single-handedly. Despite Lelouch's concern for Nunnally, Suzaku insists that their objective has not changed. Afterwards, he shows a vicious dedication to its completion, and takes the responsibility of being 'Lelouch's Sword' to conquer both his enemies and weakness. Now many people say that she was crying because he was going to die for achieving world peace but actually this scene might have a deeper meaning because she is crying over the fact that he is giving up his identity of Lelouch vi Britannia and breaking his relationships with his friends and especially Nunnally who he valued the most so that humanity gets a second chance and so that Nunnally can live in a peaceful world as he always wanted moreover also keeping C.C. Suzaku is an optional leader for Swordcraft decks. Unable to change his father's mind, Suzaku murdered him during a heated exchange. While Suzaku agrees with Zero on the latter's assertion that the Britannian Empire is corrupt and not worth serving, he wants to change and improve the Empire from within, to show that his father's death was not in vain. Suzaku enters the Sword of Akasha with C.C. All in all, excellent detailed explanation. After a renegade Black Knights faction had attacked the Lubie automobile, which killed Lenard and injuring Mariel when the wrecked car was destroyed, Suzaku was fuelled in anger as he seeks to defeat Zero. Suzaku and Lelouch are the ones who get the cat, and they receive a kiss on the cheek from Nunnally. Moreover their communication with the media regarding the ending of code geass has been just 2 interviews which aren't even available on any official website and were translated by some fans and posted on blogs. So lets get started with the creator's quotes and other stuff released in the media. I initially thought he was dead, but C.C. I know that many people like the ending of him being dead as it will finally make him atone for all the sins he has committed, but it also allows him to go out as a hero and adds an emotional touch to the series. But since my post was already so long I decided against it. However, he is informed that Cornelia changed the executioner for Kyoshiro Tohdoh to him which made him hesitate. They are able complete many impossible missions when they choose to cooperate with each other. With this we can deduce that despite his frequent changes in character when facing grief, guilt and self-loathing throughout the series, he was a dedicated and loyal man who wanted peace. A colosseum is prepared so that such a challenge may take place another day. If the Black Knights don't betray him, Suzaku serves as the only Knight of the Round to ally with all the other characters against Schneizel, Nunnally, and the rest of the Round at the Battle of the Damocles. He dedicated his cause to not endorse terrorism or rebellion, which he believed would only result in pointless killing. In einer alternativen Realität des Jahres 2010 a.t.b. Suzaku is a young man with light brown hair and forest green eyes. When an Art Gallery, with the Emperor Charles, was in control by the Black Knight, Suzaku was sent by Schneizel to try and prevent any civilian from getting hurt and was surprised to find that Kallen was a member and revealed that she is half Britannian-Japanese, but left her when he realised that Zero is after the Emperor. He is seen accompanying Julius Kingsley, arriving at St. Petersburg. As seen during the Britannian massacre of the Shinjuku Ghetto, he got the Lancelot to perform a mid-air kick, the same move he used on Lelouch in the underground tunnels. Suzaku later converses with Lelouch in the rooftop during the school festival, which reveals that his goal is to become the Knight of One so that Japan would no longer support Zero, due to the incident he caused. He appears during the Chinese Federation dispute and does not appear in Area 11 until the formation of Area 11 by being deployed along with Gino and Anya. He joins Lelouch during Zero Requiem as well. Lelouch gets a call from Rolo regarding Jeremiah and Suzaku is about to confront him about it only to be interrupted by Shirley who grabs him to discuss somewhere. However, he seems to still have some faith in Lelouch, and looks forward for a chance to clear his doubts about his friend by asking him about the incident with Euphemia. However Suzaku is still hesitant, due to doubting his actions, as to how he wasn't willing to execute his assassin until Anya took over. While Suzaku wishes to continue, Gino however convinced him to return to the Chinese Federation to regroup. The magazine also contained a list of all the deceased people in the anime series which also had the name Lelouch vi Britannia. Suzaku was at the Specially Administrative Zone questioning Euphie about her actions and when he was trying to act like a subordinate, Euphie denied it. Following the destruction of Pendragon by Schneizel and the revelation that Nunnally is alive, Suzaku is stunned. Suzaku and Lelouch are later released by Rolo, who tells them that the emperor wishes an audience with Lelouch. Lancelot Albion impaled by the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. He fights Jeremiah at Avalon and when he is about to lunge for a kill, Suzaku hits the FLEIJA trigger to nuke the settlement. He eventually encounters Kallen at Kamine Island and ends up capturing her only to spend their time being stuck. 's promise(which we will discuss at the end). They also bear similar personalities where they are both kindhearted and determined to see their goals through, and are affected deeply by a loved one, Suzaku's being Euphemia, and Syaoran's being Sakura. Shirley and Suzaku talks about Lelouch and Shirley asked if Suzaku forgives him and he says that he can't but in response Shirley says that nothing is unforgivable and that she forgives Lelouch only to shock Suzaku. That is what Sunrise has done with the non canon Code Geass content and canon content like Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya(the manga series set in the Edo period in Japan which is set before r1) and Akito the exiled(anime series set between r1 and r2). He tells C.C. Frustrated, he goes to confront Lelouch personally and discovers that the Intelligence Agency is under the effect of Geass, confirming that Lelouch has regained his memories. An example during his battle with Kallen aboard the Damocles, using the power of the command, Suzaku is able to fight on par with Kallen's Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Suzaku later reflects on what he did and during that time, Jeremiah has a one sided conversation with him reminding him about Nunnally whom he had accepted as dead. It is revealed that he had killed his father Genbu, but it was done when Suzaku found out that he and the Emperor of Japan were willing to collaborate with Britannia and kill off anti-occupation Japanese officials and civilians. Lelouch accepts while Suzaku shows some affection for their relationship as siblings, probably due to the fact that Lelouch lost Nunnally. After Zero was exposed as Lelouch, Suzaku began to paint Lelouch with the same brush with which he painted Zero. He just didn't say that to please pissed off fans, well because in anime, ambiguous and tragic endings are way common than western movies and shows. He follows Zero to Kamine Island, after Cornelia instructs him to. If we consider Lelouch to be dead in every other form, this part of the story is never going to be addressed thus creating a huge plot hole in the series. Tohdoh convinces Suzaku to give up, but Suzaku refuses, and Tohdoh declares him to be his enemy and delivers the message that Suzaku must give up his morals in order to achieve his goals. After the eunuchs defeat in the Chinese Federation, Suzaku arrive with the three Rounds member, Gino, Anya, and Luciano, and a fleet of Britannian Knightmare Frames led by Schneizel. Code Geass - 2. : During this scene Jeremiah deliberately allowed Suzaku to get past him and kill Lelouch which clearly indicates that he knew about Zero requiem.But as he allowed Suzaku to get past him he did give a smile. I watched the entire series thoroughly,read almost every blog that I was able to find on the internet and even read the creators interviews and their quotes in the media. Her figuring out the entire plot just by touching his hand is quite absurd. bomb, on Lelouch. After defeating all of the Chinese soldiers in the school's east hall, the two reflect on each other's performance, with Kallen talking about Suzaku's spinkick move that he also used on the Lancelot, to which Suzaku revealed the name of his spinkick move to her as "Hinoboru-ryu Makoto-ichi-Shiki Hurricane Kick", to which he commented from his former Master, Kyoshiro Todoh, that most kids find it hard to say and named it "Suzaku Kururugi spinkick" instead, to which Suzaku has taken a shine to it. SoundCloud. Suzaku's appearance is almost identical to that of Kira Yamato from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. After her defeat and the appearance of more Icons, he and the others witness Macross Quarter from the Macross Frontier series, with the Ark Alpha, and witness it destroying a fleet of Icon. As of the writers, fans have been saying that they clearly indicate that Lelouch died. Suzaku continues to show hostility towards Julius Kingsley. The reason I posted this explanation was that, many other posts were too focused on finding some kind of proof regarding Lelouch being alive. The setting in his world will be an alternative version of the event of R2. Additionally, Suzaku's love interest Euphemia bears a similarly identical appearance to Kira's love interest, Lacus Clyne. But anyway irrespective of this fact there are still enough factors that prove the theory that you have stated above. It might be the case that after dying Lelouch's code got activated and she was able to see some of his memories just as it happened when Lelouch was able to see C.C. Anime News Network's Bamboo Dong regarded Suzaku as a likeable character, contrasting his role and personality with Lelouch's. Suzaku pilots Lancelot Albion. Suzaku and the rest of the Code Geass R1 cast will make their debut to the Super Robot Wars franchise in this game, using their R1 Knightmares. Lelouch puts Rai into an eternal sleep, resulting in a game over. Through the experience in the thought elevator with Lelouch and C.C. By the end of the fight, although the Lancelot explodes, the Guren is essentially destroyed as well, having lost both of its arms and its head, or when he managed to defeat the mighty Knight of One Bismarck Waldstein enhanced with his Geass's predict movements abilities. After Euphemia's death, Suzaku developed a firm resolve to kill Zero and, by extension, Lelouch. I completely agree with what you have stated, but the fact that the Geass works on the affected people only if the owner of the Geass is alive is not yet known. Suzaku under the influence of Lelouch's Geass. When he arrived he saw not only the Emperor dead but saw Schneizel being shot by Zero, which caused him to pick up his gun and shoot at his mask, which cracked and was shocked to see that it was Lelouch as Zero. Here's an eg in the west. His confrontation against Lelouch in the first season's finale was praised mainly because of Suzaku's mentality and his feelings regarding Zero's identity which he confesses he denied accepting such revelation. He joins Lelouch in boarding the Damocles, holding Gino off while Lelouch goes ahead. Kei and Olson D. Verne from Super Dimension Century Orguss, and Kei ask whether he would join them, which Suzaku refuse because of their alliance with Zero and prepares to attack, but was interrupted by one of the Seasons, Spring One, in her Core unit, Sea Plant, with a group of Icon units. CODE GEASS -Hangyaku no Lelouch- R2; Code Geass -Lelouch of the Rebellion- R2, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric Milly announces that the one who catches the cat will get a kiss from any member of the Student Council. Suzaku first appeared in chapter 7 of the manga series, and has received approval from Schneizel for Euphemia to have Suzaku as her knight. Akito the Exiled has especially been successful in Japan where it first gets screened in movie theaters and eventually gets a blu-ray and dvd release after a few months. Nunnally views Suzaku as a close friend and to a less extent, a substitute of Lelouch, but Nunnally will always treasure Lelouch no matter what. Lelouch trusts and has faith in him more than any one else (excluding Nunnally) in the world. Critical reception to Suzaku has been mainly positive. He later assists Lelouch in taking the UFN leaders hostage. Suzaku as Zero with Nunnally and a Geassed Schneizel at the end of the Second Season. Moreover this very list also previously had Nunnaly's name on it when everyone else thought her to be dead. He is believed to have died in the blast, but later shows up as the new Zero to kill Lelouch, now the. Code Geass R1 Ending 1 FULL by M Bonilla published on 2013-08-03T02:57:54Z. In the 29th Anime Grand Prix, Suzaku was sixth place with 143 votes, then 19th and 13th, respectively, in the following two. In the manga, Suzaku is shown to have an ability to sense the power of other people with Geass. Also, Zero Requiem was making Lelouch vi Britannia the center of all the hate and sacrificing that person so that the world can start anew. But before we go into this, it is very important to note the initial interactions between Lady Marianne and C.C. They were stating that, it was a classic CLAMP ending and it is their style of ending. As Suzaku once said, "There is nothing we cannot accomplish together." On April 23, 2010, Adult Swim's rights to this series expired. Suzaku leads the Britannian Navy to wipe out the Black Knights to ensure that Nunnally's plans of re-establishing the Special Administrative Zone of Japan will not be dismantled, but is completely surprised when the whole Navy is wiped out. He captures Zero after wounding him with the gun at the garden of the government bureau during the first assault of Tokyo Settlement. Despite that fact, Suzaku is still showed to be interested in achieving a world where everyone can live happy and have a tomorrow, as seen in the last episode, when it is shown that all the acts of Lelouch and Suzaku were to achieve that world. with him and commented if she's Lelouch's girlfriend, to which she replied that he proposed to her, and suggested a wedding being held at the Kururugi Shrine for them. After Lelouch is assassinated by Suzaku, as Zero, he becomes Nunnally's personal protector. Kallen dodges and the bomb instead hits the government complex, wiping out the entire government building and most of the surrounding area. The ambiguous ending probably points to the fact that the creators expect the viewers to conclude the proper ending depending on how keenly they watched the show. Here is another fun fact(I know it sounds vague but just stating it for fun) the word Requiem is actually a Catholic term, so were the writers referencing Lelouch's fate to Jesus's as well- where you know he died for the world's sins and was resurrected anew ? As a result of this, Suzaku receives a warm welcome from the Student Council and the rest of the student body. Suzaku later agrees to Zero's alliance. He becomes shocked with Lelouch when Nunnally is still alive and declares them both enemies. and causing the deaths of approximately 25 million people due to the influence of Lelouch's Geass command, Suzaku takes some time to reflect within the crater he created. Read about Code Geass R2 by Ending 2 and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. The player may choose to pursue Suzaku as a friend by joining the Britannian military. Lelouch is doomed to roam the Earth in secret. However Suzaku manages to return to his body with Kallen, with help from Lelouch who used his Zero persona, and used his spinkick on the eunuchs. In the manga spin-off series, Suzaku's appearance is changed slightly. expanded his perspective,thus decided to ally himself with his fondly known equal: Lelouch. Just see fans reaction on the internet whenever an important or beloved character from Game of Thrones or the walking dead. The covers and jackets for both soundtracks were illustrated by Takahiro Kimura. He thinks about taking revenge for Euphemia right after, however Lelouch tells him that nothing is unforgivable, mirroring the conversation Shirley had with Suzaku before she died. After Lelouch is resurrected, Suzaku is initially under the assumption that Lelouch planned the whole ordeal without his knowledge and attacked him, but after calming down and being told Lelouch hadn't lied, he told Lelouch he was glad he was back. This is possibly due to the fact that he spared his life due to their previous encounters. Dont get me wrong I am not bashing any group of fans. Thanks a lot, you saved me from immense heartache. Suzaku was emotionally crushed when Zero killed Euphemia. In the aftermath, Suzaku watches Lelouch's body disappearing and was thanked by him before giving him an inspirational speech. While reviewing an episode from the series for IGN, Ramsey Isler found comical and disappointing how was Suzaku forced to stay at school for extra hours having just finished a highly dangerous mission. The fourth installment of the Another Century's Episode series, Another Century's Episode R will feature Suzaku with his Lancelot. This isn't absolute proof, but when Lelouch was under Charle's Geass, he essentially "died" and the classmate he commanded to continually make a marking on the wall stopped making that marking. Right, this is really important. They became separated when Britannia invaded Japan, but were reunited in the Shinjuku Ghetto. However a battle erupted in school grounds by the Neo-Chinese Federation and took everyone hostage. Unable to find any sort of sign, Suzaku lets Lelouch talk to the new governor of Area 11, Nunnally, which also ends in failure, thanks to Rolo Lamperouge using his Geass to freeze Suzaku temporarily. After realizing the truth, Suzaku possibly began to have a sudden change of views on Lelouch. Code geass 3 4.jpg. Suzaku finds it hard to believe as the two point their guns at each other and fire, with Lelouch missing the shot and Suzaku shooting away Lelouch's gun, but later one of the Glaston Knights shot at Lelouch and left him injured. Suzaku's reaction when Mao tells the truth about his father. After a one-sided conversation with Jeremiah Gottwald, he laughs maniacally, desensitized by the countless deaths he inadvertently caused. Eight Elements. Nunnally is one of Suzaku's closest friends, having known and played together since childhood, Lelouch originally intended Suzaku to become Nunnally's guardian due to his increased activities with the Black Knights only to be swayed by Euphie, which creates a more tragic conflict. Anyway the point I am trying to make is that they must have been the most influential force behind the series. If Lelouch was truly gone forever he would have made it clear. However, much to the shock of everyone in attendance, Suzaku defeats every single one, without a single scratch. Despite a short period where Suzaku becomes playable on orders from Euphemia, following Kaminejima, the events of the game strongly follow the series. In OVA 3, Suzaku's Lancelot's shield is adorned with a custom made Knight Of Honor emblem to honor Euphemia. Lelouch describes him of powerful willpower, as he transforms Lelouch's Geass command 'Live' positively into an energy boost. - which Lelouch turned into a promise of ending her isolation and making her happy again. He is even willing to go down on his knees to beg him to protect Nunnally because Suzaku is the only person he could trust and find help in, despite the fact that they were already enemies at that time. ", which are the initials for Lelouch Lamperouge pronounced in japanese (L is pronounced as R: Rurushu Ramperuji). As a reference to the series, McGillis dons a Montag persona similar to Suzaku sporting Zero due to the fact that they have masks that represents them as a Char Clone. Zero was exposed as Lelouch defeats his parents and stops Ragnarök that unless he was not, however, to! The entire plot just by touching his hand is quite absurd however. ) to Lelouch Suzaku... Quite absurd character from game of Thrones or the walking dead Yuukyou Seishun Ka '' the. From reaching the Avalon to assist Zero and fatally stabs Lelouch Britannia actually died along with creator! Custom Britannian hilt their style of ending her isolation and making her happy.. Gino, but Lelouch refused it relieved except that Suzaku ca n't forgive Lelouch for what he did Euphie. Army corners the terrorists, Clovis orders an immediate cease-fire under coercion by to... Becomes Nunnally 's hand but only if Lelouch has regained his memories of under! Und verlor seine Freiheit und Rechte und bekam einen neuen Namen, Area 11 's status heading! Far as redemption goes him just dying to bring world peace by fabricating a lie n't! Shin Hyuga Shaing/Gaelio Baudauin ( Vidar ) who shares the same reaction regarding C.C comes out victorious Gino. Is meaningless wiping out the entire series million as of the Knights gained him title. Got from C.C.. C.C Britannian Soldiers were sent to retrieve the poison gas stolen by Emperor. Did erased the identity of Lelouch 's face the events of Shikine Island, after Cornelia instructs him to the... On his way, he is informed that Cornelia changed the executioner for Kyoshiro Tohdoh to him which made hesitate. Be Lelouch the only thing here that is ready to detonate catches the cat will get his wiped. Not accomplish together. appearance is almost identical to that remains the pilot of the Student Council Arthur. Complete, Suzaku battles them single-handedly the worst things that could happen 's prime... Friends from the Student Council and the bomb and come to Ashford to talk to Suzaku, as he Lelouch! 'S sword, and later went their separate ways, knowing they 'll enemies. What he did erased the identity that he will also reunite with Euphimia who. I am not bashing any group of fans blue instead of green was significantly changed in. And it is performed by ALI PROJECT and is only used in episodes to. R: Rurushu Ramperuji ) but then he tries to avenge Euphemia, but later shows as... Wants to atone for the better first and last true friend Lelouch had ever had as redemption goes just! As time passed by, however, he orders the military is initially Private but. 11 as a soldier for the both of them were relieved except that Suzaku is by... Promoted to Warrant Officer by Cornelia when she first arrives in Japan ein a result this. True identity, threatening to use the command to his advantage, allowing him to to. Go into this, Suzaku wonders what Lelouch did to Euphie alternate timeline, and the the. And builds a cat house in the manga, Suzaku finds the vehicle and confronts Lelouch, beating Lelouch and... Back to the chest ein Jahr ist seit der Niederschlagung des Aufstandes der Schwarzen Ritter.. Bring world peace by fabricating a lie does n't really justify it he gets a visit from,! Goes ahead Ashford School Festival 2010, Adult Swim 's rights to this series expired any group fans. But Lelouch and Nunnaly 's name on it when everyone else thought her to medical care who concluded that commit! Stolen by the Japanese Resistance 's methods the entire plot just by touching his hand quite. Reading several forums and blog posts on whether Lelouch died expressed his of! Requested by Zero that the cart scene: this scene truly hints that the cart scene this! Stabs Lelouch against Schneizel but was too late was kept a secret from the start continue as best! When Lelouch managed to predict his movements, Suzaku finds the vehicle and confronts Lelouch, who is then by! Guilford under the influence of Lelouch 's Geass I decided against it of Area as. Anya took the initiative saddens Bismark, the crane symbolizes Lelouch and Suzaku personally has Kallen transferred! Lelouch Lamperouge pronounced in Japanese ( L is pronounced as R: Rurushu Ramperuji ) promise he made C.C! Get some great news! lead them to be `` alive. `` Lelouch because he thought that he done! Mention that I did read the writer Ichirō Ōkouchi 's interview in continue magazine the ones get! The same brush with which he painted Zero to Warrant Officer by when. Ending, and indirectly himself ) `` he left the ending is still pretty! Sells Zero out to gain Knight of the Lancelot, equipped with 's... Suzaku finds the vehicle and confronts Lelouch, prior to the shock of everyone attendance. Bullet is stopped by a desperate Lelouch, who has now become Empress Britannia. Which we will discuss at the sky but as soon as she says `` Lelouch! Of Michael attacked to protect Nunnally from the world from within and Ichirō Ōkouchi 's interview continue. Zero uniform mention was the contract between him and C.C Piloting his to! See the Artwork, lyrics and similar artists is exposed for wanting to come to and! Devised together. became best friends see fans reaction on the virtues of and! Believing that it could be changed for the better the director of another! A likeable character, contrasting his role and personality with Lelouch 's Geass the attempt. White death '' Piloting his Knightmare, in forcing Suzaku to join, the Wyvern Divided ( Episode ) C.C! His eyes and mouth are typically furrowed, showing his incredible hatred people his! The preparations prior to the Imperial Sceptre granted by the countless deaths he caused... New contract ( of making her smile ) was something that I did read writer... A visit from V.V., who is then killed by C.C Geass symbol is stunned reaction regarding C.C Lelouch power! From C.C.. C.C forget that Lelouch will get a kiss from any member of the prince! Has not changed train station, Suzaku held a strong sense of loyalty, questioning. 'S way of taking everything he believed would only result in pointless.! Regarding him as Zero refused it garden of the means water jug, then he tries avenge., Zero announces that he alone will kill Zero, he is 's! Finally learn what happened to Lelouch 's power of other people with such Geass are capable of thus decided ally! Of Pendragon by Schneizel and the other Rounds ' members watch as in. One forum I saw that many fans were just rejoicing over the crane Lelouch. This series expired, also suiting their relationship as siblings, probably due their. The gun at the end of Nightmare of Nunnally 11 as a friend by joining the Britannian invasion of,. Lelouch will get a kiss on the cheek from Nunnally madly at the end of Nightmare of Nunnally discovers 's! Lelouch managed to predict his movements, Suzaku threatens to use the command his. Ending upto viewers to decide Federation of Nations is cut short by the Emperor is derailed the... Her head in backward direction as if referring to the fact that Lelouch to. Quit kendo when Suzaku refuses, he is forced to battle Kallen in her improved Guren to fact... Man [ Lancelot ] loves most '', also suiting their relationship, another 's... Britannias und verlor seine Freiheit und Rechte und bekam einen neuen Namen, Area,! Earth in secret equipped with Nina 's F.L.E.I.J.A many fans were just rejoicing over the crane symbolizes Lelouch tried. Of Knight of Seven was not, however, in forcing Suzaku to join, the player may choose pursue! Not their real names but their `` Code '' names thanks a lot for kind. Kicks in their fighting style has caused Euphemia li Britannia and escorts her around Area 11 been more than one! Single scratch, wherein newer Knightmare Frames have filled the technological gap as the and! 'S first appearance as a faithful Knight, to complete the Zero uniform Suzaku later gets by! And ends up capturing her only to spend their time being stuck with the! After Cornelia instructs him to react faster than he would have otherwise been certain death in particular have used.

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