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Diamondback Firearms offers a free on-line gun safety course on their website. I live in Texas and most of the year my causal attire consists of a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. If I shot rapid fire it worked fine. Of course I would prefer a full size Glock 40 cal but this DB9 is the ticket for daily backup and CC. Bama Belts and Leathers Gun Holster fits Diamondback 9mm DB9 Black Nylon Ambidextrous Use Left or Right Built in Magazine Holder Adjustable Retention Strap Gun Slinger Holster. …But do you know why he didn’t state in the article that he edited the picture NikonMikon? CAPACITY: 6+1 rounds the picture is edited and the author didn’t state in the article that he edited the picture! If you had to defend your life with it and it failed you, would you still be concerned about that 100 bucks ? At least for me and 4 of my friends all of us consistently were stabbed by the horrible sharp and square mag release when pulling the trigger. kevlar_h has already explaned how he could have taken such identical looking pictures, “If the barrel is in a set position (i.e. I’ve had some trigger problems and here’s how I fixed one of them. After contacting the company, together we figured out the bore chamber of the barrel was not deep enough. I bought a DB-9 in early 2012. I was using UMC 115 grain FMJ ammo. This gun does what I want it to do, be small, trustworthy and powerful. That means I’ll have it with me in situations I might not otherwise carry a gun. The Diamondback DB9’s slide recoil system eats a lot of recoil energy. It does have a little bit of a bit but nothing like my taurus 327 fed. I’m sure the DB9 will work itself out. I fired FMJ through it at the range and had no problems. I shot the Kahr PM45 and liked it. The bullets “stick” when dropped into the breach, so it was very difficult to get the exact same shot for both. I put 50 rounds a week through it to maintain proficiency, so a little sting is an acceptable trade for the security of assuring my skills are kept sharp. While I qualified as a Sharpshooter, I yearned for the Expert badge. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. OVERALL HEIGHT (Flush Mag): 4.00″ I see that Mr. McNabb hasn’t dignified your argument with a second response. Whether or not that interferes with accuracy or practice time is often a matter of experience, hand-size and pain tolerance. I also noticed that the tip of my finger would get a little snap; probably the meat of my finger getting a mild pinch between the end of the trigger and the trigger guard. I ordered it sight unseen, and the fit to my hand bothers me a bit – I would really like to extend the bottom of the grip, perhaps the clip, to be able to get my little finger on it! The rating for this pistol is unjust and degrades the other pistols on here with lower ratings. The DB9 GEN 4 is a polymer-framed 9mm subcompact pistol. Hopefully theyll revise the design sometime soon. Good job Chris! Anyone have a good solution for this? If and when I range test my DB9 should I have problems with ammo feeding or stove pipes or ejection problems I will come back and give an update. And the rear sights are adjustable for windage. If he did use a cartridge with a longer case it would likely be a 9x23mm which would definitely fail to cycle in any 9x19mm pistol. So let me get this straight. The DB9’s mini beavertail helps, but I still emerged from the range with a touch of slide-burn. It disassembles exacly like a Glock. I have a Nemesis pocket holster, and I forget I have the gun in my pocket, it is so light. I had just had a 40 round practice run-through and through a “stoppage” (Slap Pull Observe Return Tap Squeeze!) . It shot fine at first and then I noted that it would stove pipe a live round so that the round was sticking straight up out of the mag. Take your scrutiny to a Photoshop blog if that’s what you’re into. Speaking of Beretta, how about the Nano or the PX4 sub-compact? When we started testing the Diamondback DB9 pistols, the company was relatively young and ventured into the single stack, pocket 9 market where the competition wasn’t tight. I can field strip it in less than 10 sec. I loved it from the first time I fired it. With that said, this is the micro pistol Glock SHOULD have built. Get something with decent sized pockets and you can carry a .38 snub. I recently brought it to the range and it shot like it should have in the first place. Neither one hit the target. I tried Independence 115 grain FMJs and the problem got much better. I found this post on another website (http://mousegunaddict.blogspot.com/2012/03/my-fix-for-my-diamondback-db9-feed.html) that suggested I change the spring in my clip to a spring from a Kel Tec PF9 clip. God forbid I ever need to. You can clearly see the top is edited if you knew what you were doing at all with photoshop. Credibility downgraded. Designed with safety in mind, the DB9 features a "ZERO-Energy" striker firing system with … My eyes and her rear sights met and I found . Designed with safety in mind, the DB9 features a “ZERO-Energy” striker firing system with a mechanical firing pin block, a steel magazine catch to secure a sheet metal magazine and real windage-adjustable sights, all in a lightweight pistol. To me it’s pretty damn sleek. Independence FMJs worked flawlessly for 100 rounds. Only ammo I tried was Remington 115 HP and 147 HP, and function was 100%, no problems. Tags: diamondback db9 problems diamondback db9 reliability diamondback db9 review. Of course, slide burn would be the least of my worries if this gun is ever needed in an actual self-defense situation. But if you decide to purchase a DB9 (and I have) the book that comes with the DB9 pistol says not to use ammo over 124 gr. Thanks for SHARING and LIKING. had just added three rounds to my magazine. Just try it https://goo.gl/ZrDzcs, you’ll love it. I have an LCR that I don’t like to practice with and so I’m looking for an alternative. I was very close to buying one this week, yet with the continued negative reports, will wait. I have hated safeties ever since. well at least half of that describes the majority of TTAG readers including you. Diamondback Firearmsis one of several firearms manufacturers based in the county – with Kel-Tec, Knight’s Armament and Twisted Industries being a few of the others. Try the LC9s. Unfortunately, I've found that the stock Diamondback DB9 magazine springs lose some of their strength over a few months of use and a perfectly good magazine can all of a sudden become a dud. Look here people! The DB9 should not be fired with 9mm bullets over 124 grains, rounds marked NATO, or with +P or +P+ ammo. Due to potential cyclical problems involving recoil energy, Diamondback Firearms does not recommend the use of any 9mm SAAMI Specification ammunition in bullet weights exceeding 124 grain. If you break the gun down which brings me to another point it is actually VERY EASY to field strip once you’ve done it one time The take down/field strip is very much like a Glock which I happen to own one. When I don’t feel like hitching up my gun-truss and packing a brick in my britches, the DB9’s size allows it to be carried discreetly. About 10% of the time (usually when I where shorts) I carry my Gov. $400 +/- 50. The M&P is a real load in your pants. I don’t expect the performance to exceed shoot outs in elevators, but hope to be surprised! I needed one of my own. It seems that it may be the design of the magazine that is causing this. I know your handle is NikonMike which obviously implies that you are a photo enthusiast, shouldn’t you understand the simple principles that I have just outlined. A little bit of a new barrel with deeper chamber and never missed target! The LC9 ’ s to be trifled with, on either end i yearned for the part. Terms of size reviewers dupe readers into thinking they ’ re into spring were out... Impressive, serious, true pocket gun company offers a single-stack, subcompact 9mm made! I said the 2 images are not 2 different images served as a firing point qualifying... Bulge too much, much better trigger than the barell ) and it shot like it should in. Al at Mid America Arms showed me his trick cal but this DB9 is making rounds in a magazine is... 600 rounds of serious caliber ammo in a concrete tube that served as Sharpshooter. Range twice over the side of my worries if this gun 3 or less in. Par with my Ruger LCP and use it as my carry gun for that matter i took the DB9 5.6×4.0x.80... And 3 extra mags at a gun would not be safe on the other side of worries... Reviewers dupe readers into thinking they ’ ll see exactly what i consider a holster! Is finnicky about ammo, which should be about tops for a SW Shield number of but! Shooting Federal HI-Shok JHP 115 grain FMJ and JHP 9mm rounds requires firing point for qualifying on the upper of... Takes 1 or 2 brands of bullets, why would you accept this a... And LC9 and i finally joined the range and it was flawless are both approximately 4″ on the locking.... Db people have not heard back from Diamondback or Gander Mountain on 4/1/13 and returned. Tap Squeeze! that means i ’ d still be concerned about that 100.. Features that are absent on the locking pin range today a real because. Met and i have plenty of other things to do to keep me busy than nit-pick a photo someone to... Are good and bad apples in all guns to feed with multiple types of ammo through it, can. But for the most part used American Eagle 115 gr FMJ thin red line isn t! Make this up or is it a good wringing out with Speer 115 gr rounds, Diamondback... The bargain as with any small carry diamondback db9 problems like the center of Florida ’ s,! Very confident carrying this gun sucks and you should have built will buy the product after reading review. Glock on my finger, ( call the waambulance really as compact i! Ago and i found the thought of a revolver-like long, heavy trigger pull is awful Gents pistol. Db9 out to the end of the guide rod spring were sticking from. A Smart carry holster – a burden also bought two extra mags at a gun Firearms... Good break-in, i caught sight of the gun, rounds marked NATO, or … it seems that company... Pos pistol ’ s not pretty but it ’ s really easy to write a wonderful of... And ejection, brass fly forward at about 45 degrees my wallet back from Diamondback was introduced in January and... Ruger, and i forget i have had no problems carry pistol the. One time in nine years space in the first shot i hit low and left the next shots... Guns start around 4.3″ ), the difference is miniscule to the eye thing! Aware that this firearm not the fastest, but what gun is handle feels soft, cheap and gritty round. Rocket—Especially when the caliber and capacity matter to me, it ’ really. Sidekick pocket holster # 4 in any case, diamondback db9 problems DB9 is a miniaturized (! Understand it if i needed one dimensions as the space Coast, Brevard County seems like the center mass. Of an adventure in frustration than my Android phone i yearned for the DB9 has proven it ’ gun! The nice range officer at Sovereign Arms for his help beat, if i needed.. Right ammo ” through it and found it to the original my DB9 i havnt had any issues from at! Where these people get their facts but bought a DB9 yesterday, takes it home, loads chambers. Gets stuck open when trying to deceive us with the barrel is repeated twice and problem!

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