examples of inclusive communication in the workplace

Leadership involvement: Assign a top executive to lead and sponsor the diversity program, and create a diversity council or committee of employees from various departments and levels within the organization. Online education providers help non-native speakers acquire the confidence. While communication starts at the top, it is often a case of relying on grapevines to spread the word as … There are two reasons why C-level leadership and management should attend diversity and inclusion workshops: firstly, its one of the least diverse areas of work, dominated by white males. In response to this, he came up with a novel solution. Inclusive Workplace Toolkit. Today’s workforce is global and the working language is English. Having an inclusive workplace is more than hiring people from diverse backgrounds. This often means making hiring processes as transparent and open as possible. 1. Organizational diversity means that your employees come from different backgrounds, and have different characteristics, viewpoints,  and skills. Discrimination occurs all of the time in facets of society, including the workplace. Consistency is very important to an inclusive workplace. This can help you understand things like the language you use, your unconscious biases. Another simple example is using greetings like “hey guys.” this is considered non-inclusive as it is male-centric, i.e., assuming that a male greeting should be the norm. To promote inclusion in the workplace, challenge existing stereotypes. Check out your Twitter analytics to see your follower demographics. These differences can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. Some HR and talent management influencers believe that true workplace inclusion is top-down; workplace inclusion must be embedded in the DNA of the company or written into the company’s core values. But what makes some work environments more inclusive than others? Anil Dash, CEO of Glitch, asked himself this very question as was surprised to learn that almost 80% of his followers were male. “We often forget the ‘I’ in the D&I conversation. And for guys, check out this cool flowchart from Techlady Mafia: Remember co-workers have the right to be addressed how they want. Provide inclusive leadership training for managers 2. Not treating people the same based on race, religion, gender, size, gender, age, personality or country of origin or even personal preference. Hi-jacking someone else's idea - Taking credit for someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. Only 2% of applicants were female. One unconscious bias is the classic gender role association:  MALE = WORK and FEMALE = HOME. 41. Rachael Wilson is the Managing Director of EW Group. Training is the key to truly promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’ve divided them into overall strategies, with specific ones for face-to-face and online. Justin Martin, Business Director, The Sunshine Company, 4. Discriminatory communications aren't limited only to the those who discriminate but can also be said and believed by those typically discriminated against. Lucy Miller, Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement, BuroHappold Engineering, 3. Workplace inclusion is something every workplace should strive for. If diversity goals are set top-down, it is likely they can be implemented company-wide. Inconsistency of communication. For example, your lunch for the day. Strategies could also include a buddy system that ensure all employees are aware of and understand their role in demonstrating inclusive behaviours; To make employees feel more included, appreciated and safe in the workplace, initiatives must be targeted to achieve specific results.”, - Karima Mariama-Arthur, CEO and founder of WordSmithRapport, “We often forget the ‘I’ in the D&I conversation. It is not enough to just hire for diversity. You can share your lunch every day if you like. She recommends first challenging yourself to be more inclusive in work and life. Try to add regular feedback events or town hall-style meetings to find out what is working and what is not. 4. To make employees feel more included, appreciated and safe in the workplace, initiatives must be targeted to achieve specific results.”- Karima Mariama-Arthur, CEO and founder of WordSmithRapport speaking in Forbes. “We work in the most diverse communities in the UK and we believe our business will be stronger in every way, if our workforce is fully reflective of these communities.” While there are plenty of companies doing diversity right, these diversity and inclusion examples stood out for their focus on employee engagement. Workplace diversity does not equal workplace inclusion, “Diversity and inclusion are not one in the same, and neither happens through osmosis. Celebrate the diverse nature of your team. Know till what you can share and then share to be more inclusive. Remote companies are a legitimate business structure and look highly likely to become the workplace norm in the next few years.

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