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A hard-earned family business can quickly sink if theres no clear idea on what the founders wanted or who might be interested in carrying on the business. Each successive generation, if they choose to do something else, thats their right. The founder of the Sacramento-area Morning Star Company, which makes tomato products, Rufer has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican and Libertarian candidates and groups. What is the most recent address for Chris J Rufer? The biggest hurdle is they dont talk. Today, he oversees a $350 million tomato-processing empire with 400 full-time employees and three Central Valley manufacturing sites that ship tomatoes mostly diced and paste to hundreds of U.S. companies, as well as more than 40 countries overseas. The continued use of these facilities will not have a significant effect on the environment. Full Name, Age, Job and Education Records, View Social Media Profiles & Photos in One Place, Estimated values of property, vehicles, aircraft and watercraft, By using tree view and force view visualization techniques, you can discover potential connections between people based on information about their previous addresses. Are there currently 2 Black women on the U.S. Supreme Court? We found 1 phone number and email address. They have four children. Chris lives with Todd in a single family house in Sacramento, CA. Last updated on March 06, 2022 at 5:01 AM (PST). To obtain the original attachments for this document, please contact the lead agency at the contact information listed above. No. But theres a lot at stake, particularly for agricultural enterprises. Required fields are marked *. There can be discussions around imparting important family values and love for the land, how to structure a business so that the next generation can successfully manage together; what skills and traits should be required, such as a college education, technology skills, work experience outside the family business. Chris lives at 4153 Garden Highwy, Sacramento, CA 95834-9600. He is best-known as the President of Agenda Setters by Downsize DC, where co-authored the Read the Bills Act and One Subject at a Time Act. For their father, its deeply satisfying. Spokeo accesses over 620 million court records. Mission Focused Self-Management is simple: Our personal commercial missions drive our colleagues activities and coordination with an internal and external customer focus. Chris J. Rufer founded The Morning Star Company in 1970, driving one truck hauling tomatoes and peaches. Our sales of tomato products are over $800 million annually. chris rufer sacramento. Chris J Rufer, Age 73 Current Address: DFHJ Garden Hwy, Sacramento, CA Past Addresses: Woodland CA, Woodland CA +3 more Phone Number: (916) 798- JZMH +5 phones Email Address: m ZMVZ +1 email UNLOCK PROFILE Phone & Email (8) All Addresses (6) Family (5) Social (59) Court And More Phone & Email ( 8) In 1970, Chris Rufer began Morning Star as a one-truck owner-operator company in Californias Central Valley, hauling tomatoes from fields to canneries. One option is splitting the land ownership from the farming operation itself. Rufer, who founded his operation on the libertarian principle of self-management, believes that he was allowed to alter those systems because they were part of an expansion included in a 2013 permit. The Kings have made their own reserve center Richaun Holmes available for trade. (From the Sacramento Bee). Baskin-Robbins adds a hint of waffle, and voila, Newsom, IRS give Californians until October to file tax returns. "It's stealing from other people," Rufer said. Rufer is a prominent patron of libertarian causes and contributed $90,000 to a group that fought unsuccessfully to block the city of Sacramento's $255 million public subsidy for Golden 1. Some say the farm should stay in the family, come hell or high water. Melodie Rufer was born on 10/01/1951 and is 71 years old. Check out our current processed tomato market pricing. Mayor Kevin Johnson formally unveils drawings of new downtown arena. About $2 million in attorneys fees later, his son owns the farm. The report shows that as of Sept. 30, the group had $13,702 in available cash an outstanding debt of $200. Email Address: See available information. Last month, the board leveled similar charges of putting too much salts, nitrates and organic waste into groundwater. Please check your email for a confirmation. Phone & Email (1) All Addresses (1) Family (4) Social; Court; And More; Phone & Email (1) |. Chris Rufer didnt set out to become the main money man in the most divisive political campaign Sacramento has seen in years. The Sacramento Bee. And we still haul our tomatoes from the fields just as our owner began his journey in 1970. The same person can appear under different names in public records. Theyre hurting what I do, and what I do is produce food, and I do it more cost-effectively year after year, he said. Rufer said he would consider donating more to the STOP campaign, which has until early December to collect about 22,000 petition signatures to place an initiative on the ballot next June. Of that total, around 10% is supplied by Morning Star. The document was originally posted before CEQAnet had the capability to host attachments for the public. And in the late 1990s, he bankrolled a nationwide advocacy group, led by a former computer salesman from Fresno, that pushed the idea of ending all government funding for schools. "Maybe the mayor could spend a little more time with police, the fire department and schools," he said. Chris J. Rufer and Melodie K. Rufer, Trustees of the MKG Trust Dated October 28, 1988 (Lessees); and Tom Soto (Applicant). Our three processing facilities are located throughout the heart of Californias tomato country processing tomatoes from Californias entire Central Valley. "If it gets on the ballot, I'm pretty confident it's going to win," Rufer said.According to STOP's contribution report, the group received a total of $38,350 in monetary and non-monetary contributions between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30.Other contributions include $2,500 from Mark Whisler of Sacramento and $1,200 from Ronald Emslie of Sacramento.The group used the donations to pay Momentum Political Services $12,000 to gather signatures.The report shows that as of Sept. 30, the group had $13,702 in available cash an outstanding debt of $200. Karrie, whos kept a Tomato Princess license plate holder on her car since she was 16, says it wasnt inevitable that they would get involved. Search Chris J Rufer's public records online. He was a long-shot candidate for the state Assembly and Congress in the early 1990s and has given more than $1 million to libertarian causes including Ron and Rand Pauls presidential bids. Disclaimer: Your email address will not be published. Over the past two decades, he and his wife, Melodie, have contributed more than $1 million to Libertarian and Republican candidates across the country, as well as conservative political action committees and ballot initiatives. Formally unveiling drawings of the new Sacramento Kings arena, Mayor Kevin Johnson said hes confident a measure challenging the citys $258 million subsidy for the project will be kept off the ballot. "You've got people who can well afford to build their own arena.". According to a 2013 survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there is more than $2.7 trillion equity in American farms and ranches. According to the Boston-based Family Firm Institute, which does research on all family-owned businesses, not just agricultural, roughly 30 percent of family businesses survive into the second generation; 12 percent are viable into the third generation; and just 3 percent operate at the fourth generation or beyond. We dont see that magnitude of problems very often, said Wendy Wyels, environmental program manager of the control board. Before moving to Melodie's current city of Newport Beach, CA , Melodie lived in Sacramento CA. Thats plain and simple, said Kevin Spafford, who runs The Legacy Project, a consulting firm specializing in farm-family succession, based in Chico. Twitter is an internet service where users can update the world in real-time as to their current activities, thoughts and location in 140 characters or less. 12045 S. Ingomar Grade Rd. Rufers funding of STOP is supporting STOPs effort to steal 4,000 jobs, steal a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform downtown and makes him an accomplice in Seattles attempt to steal the Kings, said Joshua Wood, executive director of The4000, the pro-arena PAC trying to keep the subsidy question off the ballot. . "It's bad and it's immoral.". robot dreams by isaac asimov answers; skycity staff intranet. He now designs, constructs and operates the company's food-processing facilities. At Morning Star Co., the Rufer siblings have no illusions about the challenge of following in their fathers footsteps. All mentioned corporate names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Chris has lived in Huntington Beach, CA in a condominium with Barbara. Rufers contribution to the anti-arena campaign is by no means his largest political expenditure. Some of the stickiest issues involve families where some children work the business, but others have separate careers of their own. - Staff Writer, Sacramento Business Journal Feb 23, 2016 Regulators have hit tomato packaging giant Morning Star Packing Co. with a $1.5 million fine for wastewater violations at its Williams plant. Past Addresses: See available information. "I have no issue about the guys that bought the team," he said. However, he predicted that if the measure is placed on the ballot, it would easily pass. We separated our businesses so we can provide succession plans for our families, Heringer said. Rufer now either must return his wastewater ponds back to the size listed on permits or agree to very stringent monitoring provisions, including new test wells, for a three-year period, after which he will have to get a new permit. The company's principal business is agribusiness development and management in the processing tomato industry. 1948: A formerly enslaved African American centenarian and his wife humiliated for Kla. Its Rufers second major tangle with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, which in 1995 cited him for dumping too many pollutants into surface and ground water. "Maybe the mayor could spend a little more time with police, the fire department and schools," he said.Rufer said he would consider donating more to the STOP campaign, which has until early December to collect about 22,000 petition signatures to place an initiative on the ballot next June. Who are the residents at 4153 Garden Highway Sacramento, in addition to Chris J Rufer? So its perseverance.. "It's another example of this crony politics," Rufer said. Use this link search employment history, You can find school buddies by browsing yearbooks Today, Morning Star operates three factories with the largest production scale in the world, with resources solely dedicated to tomatoes. STOP campaign receives $25K from tomato company founder. Avoiding that scenario starts with a conversation, say farm-family-succession experts. Thanks for signing up. 2023 Free To Choose Network. He has reported and edited science, environmental issues, fires, wars and breaking news. Its simply a moral argument. According to a campaign finance report filed this week by the STOP, the group has received $25,000 from Chris Rufer, who founded Morning Star, which claims on its website to be "the world's leading tomato ingredient processor.". He now designs, constructs and operates the company's food-processing facilities. While emotionally invested in his children and family, the 64-year-old business owner says its not a given they will or even should take over Morning Star. It's just that, as a registered Libertarian, he says he passionately believes the public shouldn't spend a dime to help pay for the construction of a new Kings arena. This 10,240 square foot home is the last known address for Chris.

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